13 February 2011

Fatin nak ke Bubba..

After the kenduri aqiqah, Fatin dropped by to Oma's place. I miss her already. She is getting so mischevious and naughty. She kept us all entertained with her antics and playfulness.

Finally it was time for her to go to Bubba. Mama and ayah has made a date with their friends there. Ayah bathe Fatin. Amidst all the yells and screaming, Fatin finally came out. Mama said there was still some shampoo in Fatin's hair. Ayah complained that Fatin couldnt keep still and it was difficult washing off the shampoo from one wriggling kid!

Once she was dressed in a pretty red dress, she sat down beside Uncle Faiz. I found a cherry flavoured lip gloss and applied on her lower lip. Left her pouting awhile. Then I applied a plain lip gloss on the upper lip. Fatin didnt like that. She asked for some tissue and wiped the offending lipgloss off. Then pouted her lips in my directions and said, "Liptik, liptik". Hahaha.. so I applied the cherry flavoured lip gloss.

So there she stood, shiny lips pouting, trying hard not to smear it. Hahaha.. a girl through and through...