10 March 2011

Khairin @ PLKN

Khairin is in her final/last week at Camp.  She asked me to bring her favorite socks. 
Quote: Yang sama macam Fatin punya, kaler hijau. 
The Mama has no idea which one she meant and just grabbed the first green socks I saw.

As Khairin was unpacking/packing the things I brought her last weekend (in the car), she pounced on the socks and gave a groan..  "Bukan yang ini tapi tak pe lah".  Dalam hati Mama, "Ada aku kisah, hehe..".  She put the socks on (Yes she didnt have any socks on at the time).  Shoes look 'tired' although still shiny!

Note: One time, the girls (KA and cousins), were into mismatched socks.  They purposely bought 2 pairs of sock of different colour but with the same design.  Then they will switch sides when using them.  That is how she ended with an apple green sock on one foot and a turquoise on the other.