22 July 2011

22 July 2011

As usual these days, Faiz woke me up just before he leaves for work. I will trail after him and turn off all lights before I crawl back into bed and watched "Criminal Minds" on the laptop. Doze off and before I will only wake up when KA gets up. The doter is really serious about catching up on lost sleep while in college. 

Since it is almost too late for breakfast, I decided to pop into Z&I for a very early lunch (or so i thought!). There was a group of 'datins' already there getting packed lunch. I ordered nasi beriyani gam while KA asked for pecal and mee hoon. Somehow, the beriyani did not 'hit' me as the nasi hanith at Saba'.

Went home and pestered Faizal into sending Faiz's motorbike to SQ for repairs. Since it was already lunch time, no one was there to assist us. So Faizal went back while KA and I decided to continue into Nilai3. All KA wants for Hari Raya, is a kurung top to match the leopard design skirt that Kak Long gave her.

Went straight to our usual shop, toured the plain material section and finally decided on a matching piece. Luckily KA had the fore-sight to bring the skirt. After paying for the material, we crossed over to the other side of the road and straight into our favorite 'cotton-dress shop'. Hmm..not much selection yet. I guess they are waiting for next month when there will be a bigger exodus. Passed by the 'asam-titbit' shop. Bought KA some titbits. After that I went into another of my favorite shop to get some house coats and a dress for my little princess. 

Thought of going straight to Ani's house to send the material for tailoring but the weather was too hot and I was starting to feel tired. Got home, took a bath and turn on the air conditioner. Bliss..