23 August 2010

Puasa 2010

Pejam celik, pejam celik dah pun 2 minggu berpuasa.  Berpuasa kat rumah, tak lah berat mana.  Lepas anak2 dah keluar kerja/sekolah, mama boleh tidor balik atau melepak depan tv sementara menanti maid-jepun siapkan washing.  Lepas menyidai baju, sambung dok depan tv atau membaca.  Sekali sekala bila mood terlebih rajin datang, adalah kemas sikit2 rumah ni. Itu pun nasib baik engineer UNI*MAP ada.  Dia yang rajin menge-mop dan menyapu rumah.

Berat jugak memikirkan juadah berbuka dan sahur..memandangkan lain orang, lain permintaan nya.  Setakat ni main bantai beli kat pasar ramadan je.  So far, mana tempat yang dah biasa beli, rasanya maintain jugak.  Bila sekali sekala terasa nak mencuba gerai/jualan tempat baru, mula lah.. entah apa2 rasanya.  So far the nice Kelantan Freid Chicklen (actual spelling on banner), is nicest at the PasRam Proton.  Nasi Ambeng and Laksa Johor kat PasRam Shell.  Dah jumpa murtabak singapore yang murah kat PasRam Shell.  Passable lah.. nak dapat yang authentic, nak kena balik JB..  Nasi briyani is still best at Mamak Sect15.  Roti canai and roti nan pun dah makan.  Ayam tandori dah lama marinade dalam freezer, ntah bila nak masaknya.  Ada kala sahur cuma 2 keping roti sapu sekaya je.  Janji dapat minum air.

Menanti bila bole 'cuti' puasa.  Tahun ni berapa hari ntah akan bercuti.  Sabtu nie akan keluar bayar zakat fitrah dan juga fidyah.

Selamat beribadah di bulan ramadhan ini.

09 July 2010


Out of the blues, I noticed a creeper coming out of the grass patch in front of the house.  Funny.. I dont remember planting anything there since the neighbour has practically abandoned his old pajero there.  I just watched the creeper gre longer and longer.  Soon I noticed golden yellow blooms to which a baby pumpkin is attached to.  But after a few days the baby pumpkin rotted.  Hmm..
A few weeks later, I plucked up the courage and asked the neighbour to move his old pajero.. hehe before the pumpkin creeper covers up his jeep.  Then I sat back and watch the pumpkin plant grow.

After a few months, I decided enough is enough, the patch looks like a dump.  So I grabbed a glove and a cutter and started to clear the patch.  I started picking the leaves that can be eaten (masak lomak pon sodap!) and pulling the creeper into a pile.  Underneath all the big leaves, there lay a pumpkin, as big as a baby's head!!  I was so surprised.

So now I have a cleared up garden and a pumpkin.  Hmm..what shall I do with it?  My doter told me to make a pumpkin head (she has been watching too much Martha Ste*ward) but my sister told me to make wedges.  That sounds interesting...

29 June 2010

Massat @ Ubud

I had been attracted to the offer eversince the Ubud Spa hung up banners along the roads around BBB.  On sunday I happened to park my car in front of the Spa when I wanted to go to the nearby MyMydin.  I immediately memorised the phone number and promised myself that I will call them soon.
Yesterday after completing my mundane housework, I dialled the number (before I had coldfeet) and enquired about the offer.  To set the calm mood, a SYT whispered back..  Hahaha.. I immediately asked about the offer.. RM38 for a full body massage before SYT could embarked on the other more expensive packages they have.  Oh yes, they have 3 types of full body massage ie. Relaxing (which I suspect is merely spreading oil on the body - jahatnya!), Thai (you know the type where they fold your body in pretzel shapes!) and Traditional (you have a choice of Malay or Indonesian massage therapist).
Enquired if they have an opening immediately (saja gatal!), and I could hear pages swishing over the phone as SYT checked the appointment book and she answered that there is one at 1pm.  I chickened out at the last minute (must prepare my self mentally first meh..) and asked what time they were opened.  SYT confirmed that they were opened from 11am to 11pm.  Again enquired if there is an opening, tomorrow at 11am.  More pages swished and pause.. SYT replied in the affirmative.  Quickly gave my name and phone number and confirmed the 11am appointment (before I chicken out again!!)

So this morning I drove to the Spa minutes early (excited agaknya, hahaha) and parked as close as possible to the entrance of the Spa.  Mana lah tahu if I would be too handicapped to walk far after the massage.  The stairway to "Heaven" was dimly lit.  Huhuhu.. Rang the bell and after a few minutes, SYT came to open the door.  The staff was having an early morning staff meeting.  More likely a pep talk and I take that as a good sign.
SYT confirmed my appointment and proceed to explain the other available packages.  She managed to sell me a package that includes a foot massage aka reflexology.  Locked my handbag in a locker after grabbing just the handphone and followed SYT into the saloon.  Passed the massaging cubicles.  The dim lights and just a mattress with a small changing area in each cubicle gave me naughty ideas. Hahaha..

SYT took me to the foot massage area where there were several loungers lined up facing the windows.  The therapist asked me to soak my feet in a tubful of warm water to which he added some bath salts.  After 5 minutes, I removed my feet and he wiped it dry.  Before he started his business, I informed him of my ailments.  Remembered to inform him of my sprained toe.  He massage the twinkie and asked "sakit? (is this painful?)".  Hehe I should have kicked him.  Of course it was painful!  Angin ni kak.. Iyo lah dik.  The foot is a reflection of the human anatomy.  Overall it was painful as expected but bareable.

I was then introduced to Tia, my body massage therapist.  I purposely asked for an Indonesian therapist.  No actually what I told SYT was, "I am a big sized person, so make sure you assign someone who can give me a good massage, ok".  Previous experience, I had therapist who were pouring with sweat and each time they asked "rasa? (can you feel it?)", I answered "No".  So they gave me Tia.  She was hardly over 5 feet tall.  Hmm but experience taught me not to underestimate them. Kecik2 cili padi gtu.

Tia asked me to undress and lie down.  For the next 60 minutes I endured a torturing body massage.  Tia not only used her hands, but also her elbows.  To finalise each step of the massage she finish off with a combing down using the tanduk lembu (cow's horns).  Oh boy was it painful.  I had to remind her everytime the pain went over the "withstanding" level.  It was truly a head to toe massage.  She even massage and combed my scalp.  My body was tingling and felt warm all over.  Tia said it was a sign that the blood flowing through the unclogged blood vessels.  I was sure I would be black and blue all over tomorrow.

Overall I enjoyed the painful session.  Was feeling light (I know it is all in the mind!).  I might make this a monthly session if I can get a sponsor.  Amacam Sweetheart?  Boleh tak?  Pretty please.. (",)

20 June 2010

Cerita Permainan ke 3

Faiz bising nak tengok wayang.  I guess, last kopek sebelum mula Industrial training dia.  Atau pun dah habis wayang2 yang best dia tengok sorang2.  Tengok citer Toy Story 3.

Plan nak ajak Afnan sekali tetapi dia ada tae kwon do yang Umie dia tak benarkan dia 'tuang'.  Alahai.. teket wayang dah booking pulak tu... 3 adults dan 1 kanak2.  Faiz dah email, tanya samada boleh di 'upgrade' teket tu ke adult tapi jawapan dia.. "tak boleh".

Ok lah.. kita ajak lah anak sape2 yang cute, yang boleh lepas as 'kanak2'.  Kawan KA, Quya came to mind.. tapi dia habis tuisyen kul 12.  Sempat ke tak ek.. apa2 lah.  Tawakal je lah.

Sampai panggung, beli popcorn dan minuman.  Huhuhu.. lepaslah si Quya sebagai kanak2.  Ambil tempat duduk.  Pandang sekeliling..  Mak Aii.. ramai nya kanak2.  Terasa macam kat tadika pulak.  Sempat tengok seorang ayah mengeluarkan botol susu untuk anak dia dan letak di bottle holder sambil berkata, "Ni susu adik ek".  Jeling sebelah.. kapel berdating.  Cik Abang sibuk menghantar message.  Ganggu orang aje dengan cahaya dari handphone dia.  Tengah2 wayang bunyi pulak handphone awek dia.  Hish.. benci betul dengan orang2 jenis nie.

Layan je lah wayang.. huhu..

Keluar panggung terus pergi ke kedai kasut.  Kasut dah habis nyawa.. macam tau2 je.
Dinner kat Ayam Penyek.  Lengang kedai makan tuh.  Agaknya semua orang pergi MCD (Mohd Chan (Ab)Dolah)..

14 June 2010

Fatin teropong apa tu??

Apa yg Fatin teropong tu?
Guna sampai 2 kaleidoscope pulak tu?


01 May 2010


It has been some time since I went shopping for books.  Sometime last week son#4 mentioned about getting more books.  I did not want to just hand over the money to him and then limit his choice since I did not trust him to spend wisely, so I wanted to follow.

Actually I have already planned to shop in KLC*C for quite some time.  Hehehe.. Doter had tears in her eyes when I announced that we were going to KLC*C while she goes for her tuition.  Alahai manja tol anak mama dia ni..

Anyway, this morning (had a lousy breakfast at Lengkuas, food was dry and it was difficult to even swallow the food) and then left KA at the centre.  Drove back to complete my housework (read: hang out the washing and cleanup the kitchen).  Faiz woke up and had a quick breakfast and off we went to KLC*C.

Drive was uneventful but Faiz asked alot of question.  Iye lah, now he has a driving licence and soon he would have to drive into KL to do his industrial training.  He is still amazed that his old mom remembers the routes in KL.

KLC*C is still the same (almost).  Busy and packed with people.  Luckily we were there early.  Browsed thru the shelves at Kino and after making our purchase, we went to Meidi Ya.. since we promised KA that we will get some choux.  Pandai Faiz pacify KA.  See.. they know each other's likes.  Also grabbed some buns and buah berangan.  Since the books were heavy and we still wanted to shop somemore, Faiz volunteered sending them to the car.  I went into Toy R Us.  Hahaha.. kids gelakkan saja when they discovered that I had a TRU card.  Ini semua sejak kehadiran Fatin.  Wanted to get something for her.  Something my kids (actually KA) used to enjoy playing!  After that purchase I ran into Cold Storage to get some salad.  There was a signage that says that it was a "No plastic bag day" but the girls were still packing the stuff into plastic bags.  Hmm.. not implemented yet, I guess.  I came prepared with my own bag since CS and Carre4 at Alamanda has already implemented it.  (Come to think of it, so has all the 7-11 and Guradian in BBB, so we are used to it).  Anyway, I told the girl I dont need bags and pulled out my own bag with flourished.. (Hahaha.. beg makin kecik, barang yang di sumbatkan dalam beg makin bertambah).

Now the drive back home.  I must make sure I get in the correct lane to get into the SMART tunnel!  Hmm.. not many cars in it.  We were home too early to fetch KA back, so we went home first.

Note: Must do something to the bald patch.  Yesterday, I politely asked my neighbour to move his old pajero to the other side of the road.  He had parked his broken down car in front of my house for so many months that the grass under the car had all died.

Everyone thought it was my car since it is right in front of my house.  I just dont understand it.  Its not that there wasnt space in front of his house (there was.. and he even had a very nice rock garden and potted plants placed there!!).  There was even ample space across the road since our house face the playground.  But then, he has his garden there.. banana trees, pokok cempedak, pandan, limau nipis.. you name it.. and yes he planted them in the space (across the road) in front of his house as well as mine, and no, I do not get the fruits of his labour.

He was all apologies and moved the car last nite.  Now, I should do something, like plant some shrubs or brick up the space so that nobody gets ideas and start their own garden there..  Any suggestions??

30 April 2010

Sound improvement

Son #4 has been bugging me to change the car horn.  Eversince the accident the car sounds like it has a terrible cold.  Nak terjah orang pun malu.

Son insist on going to "Kedai Abang", jenama agak terkenal.  So off we went to the shop.  I drove right up the front of the shop and stopped the engine.  A staff immediately walked up to my car and asked what I wanted.  (Actually he wanted me to move my car.. I assume lah..Hahahaha).  So I told him I was shopping for a car horn.  He told me that "kereta MyVi ni susah nak tukar horn, kena bukak bumper dia.. akan ambil masa 3 jam gitu".  Felt quite put off by the attitude and negativeness.  I guess what he wanted to tell was.. ala, setakat mak chik je yang drive tak yah lah susahkan saya, nak tukar2 horn pulak.

I just told him that I want to checkout anyway.  The car horn was placed on the upper floors (hated that), so I had to trudge upstairs.  Many2 interesting things on the way up.  Tested some horns and liked the brand Hell*a.  Tanya harga and cuba tawar menawar.  Tapi tu lah.. jawapan yang di beri.. "ni last stock", "yang tu takde lagi", "tak boleh pulak nak bunyikan" membuat hati bertambah tawar.  Last2 cakap pada son, jom kita keluar.

Just to pacify a frustrated heart, we went to San Fra*n.  Just ordered the salad and soup.  Food was delicious but the place smelt a bit dank.

Then off we went to another car accessory shop in a new section of BBB.  They have only a few models but these people were friendlier and certainly knew how to make a sale.  Again I asked how long it will take to put in the new horn.. and surprisingly he said, 45 minutes!!  Huhuhu obviously the previous shop didnt see me as a potential long term customer.  Rugi lah luuuu...

I gave the go ahead to replace the horn and at the same time, shopped for new wipers.  The staff also educated me on the wiring aspects of installing the horn.  Pandai lah sikit.  Hehehe..
Now I takut nak tekan horn.. bunyi kuat I tell you...

Moving on

My kids made alot of noise abt me still being on blog*drive whilst they all are registered here. Ok lah.. apa2 lah.. heheh as though I blog often nowadays.

Will continue when my son has "beautify" this place..