12 December 2011

My Jantung Hati

This is my eldest grand daughter FATIN. She's 3 years old last september. Typically a girl! See a camera, strike a pose!

This is my second grand daughter, FARAH. She turned 2 months, last Dec, 12. Not much hair grown yet, since her shave, cleverly covered by the flower head band.

Kakak Fatin loves Adik Farah.

08 December 2011

My Prayers

Dear GOD, 
Please..Oh please..

My prayer for 2012 is for a FAT bank account and a THIN body.

Please don't mix these up like you did this year!


27 July 2011


As I was driving, heard a message coming in, on my green phone. Its either the banks or my sister. She is on the blue telco, so it is easier to call or send message to me on my green phone, which is on the blue telco too. Anyway, parked my car in the driveway before I read her message...
"In a sentence, which is object and which is subject?" 
My first reaction was, "Huh??"

Okay, suspects that it is related to Afnan's homework. We speak english but we don't care much about the rules. Quickly turned on the laptop and googled the information. I had better get the correct information before I embarrass myself in front of Afnan.

Simply said, "the subject is the person/thing doing the action", whilst "the object is the person/thing receiving or affected by the action". The verb will be the action.

Armed with that information, I returned her call. It turned out that she was doing HER 'arab' homework while waiting for her car to be serviced. Hahaha.. Afnan jugak yang kena!

This brought back memories of teaching english to adults. 

22 July 2011

22 July 2011

As usual these days, Faiz woke me up just before he leaves for work. I will trail after him and turn off all lights before I crawl back into bed and watched "Criminal Minds" on the laptop. Doze off and before I will only wake up when KA gets up. The doter is really serious about catching up on lost sleep while in college. 

Since it is almost too late for breakfast, I decided to pop into Z&I for a very early lunch (or so i thought!). There was a group of 'datins' already there getting packed lunch. I ordered nasi beriyani gam while KA asked for pecal and mee hoon. Somehow, the beriyani did not 'hit' me as the nasi hanith at Saba'.

Went home and pestered Faizal into sending Faiz's motorbike to SQ for repairs. Since it was already lunch time, no one was there to assist us. So Faizal went back while KA and I decided to continue into Nilai3. All KA wants for Hari Raya, is a kurung top to match the leopard design skirt that Kak Long gave her.

Went straight to our usual shop, toured the plain material section and finally decided on a matching piece. Luckily KA had the fore-sight to bring the skirt. After paying for the material, we crossed over to the other side of the road and straight into our favorite 'cotton-dress shop'. Hmm..not much selection yet. I guess they are waiting for next month when there will be a bigger exodus. Passed by the 'asam-titbit' shop. Bought KA some titbits. After that I went into another of my favorite shop to get some house coats and a dress for my little princess. 

Thought of going straight to Ani's house to send the material for tailoring but the weather was too hot and I was starting to feel tired. Got home, took a bath and turn on the air conditioner. Bliss..

21 July 2011

Be Thankful

Be thankful that you don't already have everything you desire. 
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful when you don't know something, 
for it gives you the opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times. 
During those times you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations, 
because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenge, 
because it will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes. 
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful when you're tired and weary, 
because it means you've made a difference.

It's easy to be thankful for the good things. 
A life of rich fulfillment comes to those 
who are also thankful for the setbacks. 

Gratitude can turn a negative into a positive. 
Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, 
and they can become your blessings.

~Author Unknown~

12 July 2011

The Hug

There's something in a simple hug
That always warms the heart;
It welcomes us back home
And makes it easier to part.

A hug's a way to share the joy
And sad times we go through,
Or just a way for friends to say
They like you 'cause you're you.

Hugs are meant for anyone
For whom we really care,
From your grandma to your neighbor,
Or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing -
It's just the perfect way
To show the love we're feeling
But can't find the words to say.

It's funny how a little hug
Makes everyone feel good;
In every place and language,
It's always understood.

And hugs don't need new equipment,
Special batteries or parts -
Just open up your arms
And open up your hearts.

-author unknown-

07 July 2011

Maid Story - #5

After Sarah left, we had to resort to leaving the boys at the baby sitter. She is the mother of one of staff working at the workshop. It wasn't for long. She then offered the services of her niece, Ani. Ani was hardworking but a bit rough. But I guess, after fragile Sarah, everyone would look rough!

Ani is like any youngster. Every evening I come home from work to see, not only the boys all fresh and clean but Ani too was dressed up and face made up. I suspect that she is not all okay "upstairs". The children likes her though and she is also a great cook.

The only part that I could not tolerate about Ani was...she doesn't work weekends. That doesn't sound too bad actually but she only appears on my doorstep on monday morning. So every monday morning, I would anxiously look out the door to see if Ani has arrived. She goes off to her friend's house in Nilai and her normal excuse is.. there is no bus or the bus is late. It definitely affects my work schedule too. 

So I decided that I had to look for a more reliable maid. 

03 July 2011

Sayur Betik

If my friend Melati Tessier in US can cook it, I don't see why I can't. Inspired by the photo she put up in Facebook, I really wanted to cook this dish soon. And luck was on my side, when I saw daun selasih sold at the nearby pasar malam. I don't have green fingers and even when my late mother lovingly planted the pokok selasih in a pot for me to bring back to KL, it would eventually die! So each time I see daun selasih being sold at the pasar malam or mini market, I would grab a bunch. IF I managed to get an unripe papaya, I would make the dish. Otherwise, I love to rub the leaves between my fingers to get the oil out and breathe in the lovely aroma...

I got the daun selasih on friday, yesterday (saturday) I found the papaya at (of all places) MyDin. Didn't have the time to cook it yesterday, so early this morning I got the ingredients and cook the dish... 

Betik masak air with daun selasih and black pepper.

Pounded some onions, ikan bilis and black pepper (red chili - optional). Threw it in a pot of water and leave it to come to a boil. Meanwhile, I started on slicing the papaya (thick slices to ensure that it doesn't break in the boiling water). Threw that into the pot. Remove the selasih leaves from the stem and throw them in the pot too. Matikan api and let the leave layu in the hot water. Season to taste.

I shared the dish with my sister.

29 June 2011

Meeting old friends

Yes, my youngest son had just completed his final exams. Then he was busy making preparations to present his Final Year Project. But in between he managed to seek employment too. I am proud that my children has succeeded this far.

Busy as he was.. he was still obliging when Mama asked him to accompany her to meet some old friends. First we had to pickup Kak Nani at BTHO. With minimal directions, we found the location. Meanwhile I was on the phone trying to convince Aya Idris to come along. (Didnt know that she was taking care of her eldest son who is dependent on dialysis.) Her husband gave her the green light (thank you Azmi) and so we picked up Aya too. 

Then we were blindly travelling towards what we thought was the entrance to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). But we confused it with Tasik Selatan Station. In the end, we did manage to find the correct route, and we were lucky enough to get the car parked at level 4. Ex boss, Nurul was waiting for us in front of her new shop. From then on, it was chatting and bringing each other up-to-date with all of the other friends that we have not met for so long. Penat bersembang di kedai, kita adjourn ke kedai mamak for a drink. Faiz was hovering as a reminder that he needs to get back to college (since he was in his blue jacket).

Nurul and I

From left, Aya Idris, Nurul Nuriah, Kak Nani and I

From left, Faiz (in blue), myself and Aya Idris

From left, Kak Nani, myself, Aya Idris and Nurul

Kak Nani and Nurul

We left with a promise to meet again.. maybe at Mohd Nor Haq's daughter's wedding early July.

16 June 2011

Maid Story - Baby Sitters

I recall sending my son to a baby sitter in one of the government quarters at Jalan Cochrane. The BS's husband is a staff at my husband's office. The BS has many small children herself and she took in several other kids to care. The quarters/house is not that big but the lower floor was unfurnished. In one corner, there was a neat pile of thin mattress and a baby cot in another. Another room had plenty of toys in it. BS's older kids will help keep an eye on the smaller kids.

Every night, I would prepare a basket of clean baby clothes and nappies (in those days, disposable diapers was unheard of). There will be another basket of biscuits/food and baby milk/juice. We have to make a quick and early getaway in the morning, to avoid the traffic jam and to be able to reach the office in time. Most mornings, my son goes to BS's house still in his jammy. No time to bathe him. Some morning he goes poo poo and the whole car stink sky high. Whenever there are visits to the clinic for his scheduled jabs, we will leave a message and pick son up. It is quite convenient since, BS's house is still in KL. That is when I see the kids sleeping (or pretending to sleep) before lunch time. In the evenings, we will fetch son back, with a pail full of dirty nappies/clothes.

But we did not use BS's services for long since it is expensive and we still come back to a messy house and I still have to cook and wash. And we both agreed, our children should grow up in his own home.

Another time, in between maids, we seek the help of the mother of my husband's worker to take care of the boys. This mak cik's house is near the main road but behind the house is secondary jungle plus rubber trees plus fruit trees. I always make sure, we pick the children up before dusk. I have heard many stories and some related to this mak cik's family. I heard that there is a python the size of a coconut tree trunk, slithering across the road. And the occasional roar of a tiger in the jungle, but the tiger is not like the ones we find in the zoo!

But in any case, I am thankful, the mak cik agreed to care for the boys when we asked her.

Fatin And I ~ tolo

Fatin is very choosy about her food. Living with a grandmother (definitely not I) who is a wonderful cook, she has upgraded her taste buds to accept spicy food. Her current favourite is nasi lemak but dont you dare remove the sambal. She loves it hot and she must get extra boiled eggs.

One time when we (bangi family) were busy looking elsewhere, she went to the fridge and helped herself to the eggs. She thought they were boiled eggs. She tried breaking the shell and panicked when the runny egg flowed out. But smart girl that she was, she quickly put it inside a small basket (that I got from a wedding), and then said, "Fatin nak tolo".

Tired Mama had to get up and boil her an egg and cleanup the mess. After feeding Fatin the boiled egg, she asked for another. 

Early this month, Azhar was recovering from his tonsils op and Mama had to work (assignments and datelines). Atok and Nenek were off to Indonesia, so Azhar brought Fatin over to bangi. 

My main worry was feeding fussy Fatin. Bought her nasi lemak but it remain untouched. I made her an omelete but she refused it too. Boiled an egg but that she turned that down too. 

Oma : "Oma give up lah. Tatau apa Fatin nak mkn"
Dengan selamba Fatin menjawab : "Baguslah!"
Ish..ada yang nak kena nie.

** After the nasty accident when Fatin helped herself to the raw egg, I installed a child-lock on my fridge. She was caught with her body pulled backward, trying to pry it open.

11 June 2011

Maid Story - #4 Sarah

Just before Embah left, we had to get a new minder for Faizal. Azhar was living with grandma in JB, so Faizal was our main concern. 

We didn't have to look far. Hawa lived with her husband, children and her younger sister just next door. Since the sister, Sarah was not studying or working, we asked if she would like to be the children's minder. Sarah ended up working with us for almost 2 years.

She would hop over in the morning and go home when we return from work. She would attend to the children's needs. She also cooks for the family. Being a fellow johorian, I especially enjoyed her mean asam pedas.

The only problem with Sarah was, she is quite fragile in health. So whenever she is not well, her sister Hawa will take care of Faizal together with her own children.

But soon enough Hawa and family decided to move to Cheras. So we were maid-less again. Thus began our search and enduring the short stints of various types of maids.

09 June 2011

Khairin And I - Kaeru

As I was reading, I came across an article which mentions "Kaeru" or japanese for frog. The frog is viewed as a harbinger of new beginnings since its name in japanese, kaeru, is a homonym for the verb meaning "change".

Baby Kero

My doter is sometimes called "Kero" and she so does love the frog character. This time round it really means something for her. We even bought Baby Kero (above) to mark the change in her life. A big move in her academic life. The move from being a student to being a siswi. From being spoon fed to having to do her own research. The move from sharing her room with mama to sharing her room with someone of her own age. This includes getting her own meals and washing her clothes, to taking care of her health.

I pray that Allah will take care of my darling baby..amin

p/s Bila nak bawak Baby Kero dok sama2..

06 June 2011

Dont read and eat..or Dont eat and read

For as long as I can remember, I have this habit of reading while eating. It could be the nasi lemak wrapper, (when they use to use the newspaper to wrap the nasi lemak), any document that needs to be read (while in office) and if I happen to have the internet right in front of me, I will be browsing through. Nowadays I will put in a small magazine or a novel in my handbag, so that I can indulge in reading while waiting for my order to arrive or for my number to get called up (at the Post office or bank).

When eating at the mamak, I will first check my FB (most mamak comes with free wifi) and then open my novel and continue reading where I left off. When my mee goreng arrive, I will just squeeze the lime and start eating...THEN... I accidentally bite on the fiery cili api. Huhuhu..

On night, my doter and I walked into a restaurant to indulge in cakes. My doter, just before she left for college, said she wanted 'choc mud cake' (her favorite). Besides the cake, she also ordered the gourmet pie. My order was the chicken currypuff and durian cheesecake. Oooo..the durian cheesecake was to die for. It was like eating seedless D24 on a biscuit crust. Then I opened my book and started reading as I ate the currypuff. Halfway through my doter whispered, "Ma..what's that?"..pointing at the chicken in my currypuff. I put the book down and peered at the piece of chicken (I had put it aside as I don't like eating chicken that much). 

Arghhhh....horrors... I saw a few telur lalat on the piece of chicken!!

Called the supervisor and showed her the 'masterpiece'. She was all apologies and asked if she could give me a replacement. I told her to pack it up. All of a sudden, I lost my appetite. 

Had I been alone, I might have swallowed it all up and end up with an upset tummy. This act of reading and eating at the same time can be dangerous..hmmm..

04 June 2011

Annie & The smart Alec ~ Peribahasa

Umie :  "Apa erti..'sambil menyelam minum air'.."

Afnan answers in english, of course.

Afnan :  "someone who is trying to drown himself".

Umie : ..sighhhh.. its gonna be a looooooonnggg school holidays.

Note from Umie.. I have gained unbelievable insights into how misleading our peribahasa can be by testing them on afnan..

01 June 2011

Annie & The smart Alec ~ New Year

Ayah was explaining the difference between the chinese new year and the "normal" (gregorian) new year to Afnan (Note: Afnan is my 10 year old smart-alec-nephew) and how one calendar uses the sun and the other uses the moon but with an "adjustment" every couple of years. 

Then Ayah asked, "What is another calendar that we use?" (expecting the answer to be the Muslim calendar and wanting to explain the hikmah of the shifting seasons in which muslims perform puasa).

Afnan answered, "The Subway Calendar!!! Cause we tear out the free subway voucher every month and used it to take Askaree out to dinner at Subway".

Umie : Apakah????

31 May 2011

Another one fly out the nest ~ Part 3

Before continuing on my doter's life in Puncak Alam, let me show the place. This is a snap shot of the infamous steps.. all 294 of them. Spanning from the hostel (orange color building) to the Academic building in purple. It is a covered corridor and there is also a jejantas/bridge crossing over a four-lane road. 

Phew..am I glad I am not a student there!

After sending her to register in her hostel (minus her tudungs, which she conveniently left at home), we left KA to begin her life as a siswi. She managed to get some shut eye before the long dragging taklimats began. By the way, the hostel is aptly name Rafflesia for the siswi and Angsana for the siswa. Girls live in the orange colored buildings and are warned against entering the red colored buildings belonging to the boys.

1st day, I sms-ed at 11.15pm to wish her goodnite but she replied that they are still in the padang kawad listening to taklimats. Her backside was getting numb sitting on the tarmac and it looks like the nite is not going to end too soon.

2nd day, At 1.50am, she sent an sms saying she was about to hit the pillows. 6.15am, I wished her a good morning and hope she enjoys the cold bathe. To which she replied, "Tak mandi. Kan dah mandi before tidor tadi kul 2 pagi".  Hahaha.. savings betul budak ni. Now she really appreciates food provided at PL*KN, as the food provided here is tasteless but nevertheless she eats because she is hungry. After that there was more taklimats indoor and outdoor. In the evening they have aerobics. Today she had the 1st taste of marching up/down the 294steps. Quote: "memang dah rasa kurus dah and terasa nak tercabut lutut". 

3rd day, I wished her good nite at 1am. She replied half an hour later, saying that they have just completed ragging. She's taking a bath and going in to bed. They have to be up by 4.30am. They have to compete for the bathroom and to wash their clothes, before going in for the early morning ceramah. Her legs are aching but on the plus side, she is convinced that her thighs are leaner! Hahaha.. After breakfast, she ran upstairs to get her washing/laundry. Said she felt awkward standing in the elevator with a pail full of wet clothes but she prefers to hang her clothes out to dry on the lines downstairs. The sunny weather ensured she gets crispy clean clothes. She still have not found where the illusive washing machine! Throughout the day, endless ceramah. She is fast learning how to sleep while sitting down although she did topple over twice! Hahaha..  She wish the week will just sweep over and orientation is over. Until late at night, we were passing sms-es discussing about her plans to get home this weekend.

4th day, midnight, she said "pelik lah iron baju atas meja, hahaha..". 6am, she said she is coming home by commuter with her roomate. 8.30am, she asked, "How do I go back by commuter? I forgot". Actually, she only goes out with her brother/s, so she has never travelled anywhere by herself. The plan was for them to go back after making the student card on saturday.

5th day, said she slept at 3.30am. Supposed to be up by 5am but all of them (in the house) only woke up at 7am! They missed the kuliah subuh and went straight to the dining hall. Only message at 11.00am, to confirm that she was coming home the next day.

6th day, HAPPY DAY.. she's coming home. After making the student card (luckily they were early), they went back and packup and took the bus to Shah Alam, changed buses to get to KL Sentral before hopping on the commuter. 2pm she sms-ed to say she is at Serdang station. Time for me to go to the UKM commuter station. My baby's coming home.

There she was, in her baju kurung, sports shoes and dragging the luggage bag. Hahaha.. what a picture! She stinks sky high so we headed home first for her bath. She was smiling as she walked into the house and I know she is happy to be home again. She miss her kero, her small pillow, her favourite bathroom, her bed.. everything in the house.

26 May 2011

Another one fly out the nest ~ Part 2

All too soon, monday came around. Registration Day for Een.

I left the packing to her. She is old enough to handle it and she had previous experience during her 3-months trip to PL*KN. The night before, the kids spend time with Fatin. I was anxiously waiting at home. I was afraid that if they came back too late, they might wake up late too.

True enough, we were finally ready to leave home at 7am ( I wanted to leave at 6am). Long, long jam from Batu 9, Cheras right up to the traffic light at Batu 14, Hulu Langat. No choice but to go with the slow-flow. Some inconsiderate people still overtake on the left. I was getting goose pimples on my arm, holding in my pee! Finally reached Azhar's house and practically pounded on his door, trying to get in. Hahaha.. left Azhar to park my car and for Een to unload her bags and transfer them to the Alza. (She managed to repack and cut down the amount of clothes she needs to bring to college). Two bags full of clothes, one pail full of toiletries and hangers, a pillow (just in case the one provided is full of "maps") and a big paper bag of other items. Her x-ray is tucked inside the pillow. Her documents placed in her back pack. Being the 'ayu' specie, she still have her handbag.

We quickly repack and drove off. Just as we left the house, Azhar asked if we are heading for Puncak Perdana (the other UiTM). Hahaha..luckily he asked for confirmation, else we would be heading to the wrong Puncak. Stopped by the roadside and redirected the GPS towards Puncak Alam. 

All too soon, we arrived at P/Alam. My-my.. the place looks so impressive. Buildings spread from the bottom of the hill right up to the top. Colour coded buildings - purple for academic, orange for siswi and red for siswa. Een said "tak rela kalau boys dapat purple building!" (Een is at the crazy for JB stage and JB likes the colour purple!). There was a long, staggered steps/corridor linking from the academic buildings to the residential buildings (ala-ala Batu caves). Yes, we were informed that there was a total of 284 steps and given a guarantee that the students will lose weight. Tak payah pergi gym atau Lon*don W/Mgmt.

We were directed to a common parking place and asked to unload our bags and get on the bus that is servicing the move from the parking place to the registration area. Got on the bus and Een said she wanted to share room with her friend (fellow school mate). So I asked encik senior, if that is possible. I was told to wait for the friend and just register together. Easy peasy! The bus parked at the padang kawad and we were asked to go to the cafe/surau area to register. That involves going down a steep flight of stairs. Oh my..this does reminds me of ITM in my days, only we had hills to climb sampai naik tong*gek bon*tot!

We waited for S who was on the next bus. So they registered together and managed to get the same room. Block 5, second floor, Unit #4, Room B. Luckily they have elevators!! I dont fancy climbing up more steps. Een got down to business and grabbed the broom and swept the floor. (I was impressed, since only my constant nagging makes her sweep the floor when at home). I put on the bedsheet and pillows. We came prepared with rags and antiseptic spray to clean the shelves and tables. As she was unpacking, I asked for the hanger full of tudungs that she has ironed, to hang in the cupboard. This was when Een suddenly turned pale and dropped the bombshell! She forgot to pack it in the car this morning. She only have the light green tudung on her. She was begging me to go back and get them! Hahaha..no way we are going back just for that. S wasnt too happy when her mom told her to share with Een. So instead we asked for directions on where to get new tudungs for her.

Azhar and his GPS took us to the not-so-near Econ*Save (20km). Azhar said it is some in Kpg Subang Baru. Bought her some tudungs (enough to last the week and not smell). Then we went back to P/Alam for mekdi. Oh yes, otw we passed UiTM Puncak Perdana. P/Alam is defintely a more beautiful place. While waiting at the traffic light, to do a U-turn to get to mekdi, we saw a sign that says Econ*Save (1.5km). Stupid GPS wasted time and petrol directing us to the farther Econ*Save! Sabar je haku!

Ate at mekdi. Ordered a big mac but was given double cheese (same price). I insisted on a change since it was their fault and I was tired and cranky. While eating, entertained myself looking at this little boy (3 yo, I think) who, while his friends were busy playing at the playroom, he was busy arranging and re-arranging the shoes at the shoe rack. The other thing that caught my eye was this kid was bedecked in jewellery. He had gold rings on his fingers and gold bracelets on both wrists. His bracelets was thicker than my janggut-udang-thickness bracelet too!!

After the meal, we sent Een back to the bus. Told her to get back to her room by herself. It was late and I am tired. Hugs and kisses.. I left my baby at P/Alam. Was so sleepy but I still have the drive back to Bangi. Luckily the roads are not busy.

22 May 2011

Fatin And I ~ Frenemies

Fatin calls her aunt, "Uu-Een", very short for Mak Chik Bongsu Khairin...hahaha.. They are the best FRENEMIES, especially since Fatin starts talking back.

In the car, after shopping at Guard***, Khairin took out the M&M that she bought. She wanted to share with Fatin, but Fatin insist that it belongs to her.

Fatin:  Atin punya!
Khairin:  Uu-een nak sikit..
Fatin: Tak boleh!
Khairin:  Uu-een naaakk..
Fatin:  Uu-een tamak  (Fatin is a bit confuse using the word "tamak" here)
Khairin:  Fatin lah tamak

I had to step in as the fight was getting very loud and is disturbing my driving. (Driving is JB needs my full concentration in order to avoid getting hit or hitting someone or someone's vehicle!)

Mama:  Dah lah Khairin..
Fatin:  Dah lah Khairin  (she parrots)
Khairin:  Uu-een naaakk..
Fatin:  Tak nak kawan Fatin (??)  

Fatin was so exasperated with her aunt and got confused in the process and ends up not wanting to "friend" her own self. We had a good laugh!

21 May 2011

Another one fly out the nest

All too soon, the last of MY kids is flying out of the nest. No..no.. not for good. Not yet.
After getting an impressive (in my family) results in her SPM, thus starts the wait for offers from the Unis. First to come in are various offerings from the private colleges/Uni. With mother, no longer working, and dad almost MIA, Een has to hope for offers from IPTA only.

After having a peek at Kolej Matriks Tangkak (send bro #3 there), she was banking on going there. I don't mind as the place is quite near and familiar. I once drove there, in record time of 45 minutes from home. And there is Tangkak, kain ela heaven.. hehe.. until I discover Nilai3. However, since Een is from a technical background (she did Engineering Techonology and Engineering Drawings in her SPM), she was assigned Kolej Mat*riks Teknikal in JENG*KA! Hahaha..first on Een's mind was..jadi peneroka(?) With a heavy heart, we started goggling the place. The place has been developed, so tak ada lah "peneroka sangat" atau "tinggal dalam hutan". Een started preparing half-heartedly.

The week after, she found out that she got a place to do her foundation (Engineering) in UiT*M,  Puncak Alam. Her friends started teasing her, singing.."menuju puncak.. ala-ala AF".. hahaha. With a happier skip in her steps, she started her preparation.

1.  Printing out the documents (wahhh..nowadays semua online, kena berusaha sendiri). In my day, we waited for the postman to deliver the thick envelopes with the necessary documents. Getting Een to fill up the documents. Hadoi..everyday must nag! Finally I took over to check and make a to-do list.

2.  Check completion of forms

3.  To find the balance of her photographs that I took when she registered for her PLK*N. Knowing that she was going into college, I took the liberty of printing a dozen of her photo. Checked. I found it in the zippered slot in my purse. I have no recollection of putting it there.

4.  Getting all the necessary IC and birth certificates photocopied. Here comes the part that I hate most because it is out of my control! Called up the dad and asked for the necessary documents. He said he was busy and will do it asap. 2 days later, reminded him. Said he was working in Taiping (so?). Next day reminded him again.. he asked for my email id, said he will send an email. I checked the mailbox every hour after that. Until today, I have still not received it. Finally asked him to just send via post laju.

5.  My sister's neighbour was of position to "sahkan" all the documents. So off we went knocking on Dr.M's door. 2-in-1, I also got her to sign Azri's documents too. 

6.  Headed to Az-zahra for her medical checkup. Drove around the block twice, to get parking. Saw a guy walking to his car, in front of Bang*i Kopi*tiam..waited for his parking space. Walked all the way to Az-zahra. SYT at the counter said it can be done, but it will be a 2-3 hours wait and cost RM61. I said OK and asked Een to go get it done, while I parked myself infront of the idiot box. After about 10 minutes, an sms came in.."Ma ada air tak, I can't pee". Inspite of reminding her to go with a full bladder..I still get this! So I had to go find a drink for her.. Tea in a can that cost RM2. Got back to her with the drink and settled myself at another settee in the waiting room. Between reading (I came prepared) and looking at sick babies, I was getting very sleepy. Finally she completed everything and we walked to the pharmacy to pay the bill. I don't know why, but we got a few RM discount. Alhamdulillah.

7.  We went to Bank Islam (I hate the service here) to pay her fees as well as to open an account for her allowance to be banked in. The bank was undergoing major renovation. The place was dusty and the floor was sandy (berpasir). Went to the CS counter and fella gave us some forms to complete. Taught Een to fill up the forms. We had to get Een's IC photocopied at tujuh-sebelas...cost us 40sens for 1 copy. Cekik darah betul! Got Een a calling number and asked her to find a wall to lean on since all the seats are taken up. Then I left Een at the bank.  I walked to the nearby PO to get setem hasil for all 5 contracts (een's and azri's). Then I walked to my bank, to get some "supplement". Went back to BnkIslam and saw Een busy playing games on her handphone. She was still some 20 numbers away from being called. I grabbed the seat next to her, that was vacated. I almost fell asleep waiting for her turn.

8.  Next on the agenda was to get the agreements stamped. Since I have done it before, I drove straight to LH*DN in the bus station Jalan Reko. Hehe.. the drive up the very steep ramp to the parking lot on the rooftop made me giddy. The guard there wasn't friendly and the samples on how to complete the form that they have on the notice boards wasn't helpful at all! Anyway, we got everything correct and the documents was stamped..BAM..BAM..BAM. The officer did not even glance at it!

9.  Last but not least..her packing. I will leave that to her but by the looks of it, she wished she can just move the whole house over to Puncak Alam!

Just waiting for Monday. Before dawn, I will be 'deporting' her over to her brother in Ampang. Then we will ride the Alza to Puncak Alam.

***singalong** menuju puncak...

12 May 2011

Tipah takut tertipu..

Been getting alot of "funny" mail lately. Just to share..

From a Major J wanting to JV with me. Technical speak puts me off..

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
I am attached to United Nations (UN) and looking for a dependable individual that I can trust, someone who is willing and honest enough to carry out this transaction with diligent to the best of his ability. Basically, I have an order on my desk to purchase a Product called SILICATE OIL-xhg. The SILICATE OIL-xhg-xhg is a new scientific chemical fluid mainly used in the gemological laboratory for the Absorption of Aircraft clarity treatment. It penetrates deep into Aircraft tanks and vaporizes out black inclusion . I will like you to be our supplier from Asia because we are purchasing this product from Malaysia. I want you to be supplying this product to UN every month for the maintenance of our Aircraft. I am looking for somebody that i can trust so that i can make him the supplier and give him money to buy this product from the company in Malaysia and resell to United Nations (UN) with the price UN is buying, at the end of every supply we shear the profit accordingly because UN is purchasing this product at the rate of $5,500 dollars per carton while the company in Malaysia is selling this product at the rate of $3,3500 dollars per carton. If you are willing to be in a joint business with me, please get back to me as soon as possible.
Major Jxxxx.

AE, a surgery specialist doctor (trying so hard to impress) claims he is lovely(?) and caring and looking for a better friendship. Starts with Alhamdulillah and ends with cheers?..

Allhamdulillah.....Hello How are You doing today? is nice to meet you here...am lovely and caring and would like to know you more. I'm Axxxxx Exxxx, 39 years old, I'm single, i have a daughter her name is Fxxxxxx she 8 years old, i I'm surgery specialist Doctor working in Specialist Hospital London United Kingdom, Do you have yahoo messenger? so we could chat better and know each other Hope to hear from you for a better friendship..Cheers Axxxxx...

Straight to the point, no beating round the bush from this guy (VG)...

How are you doing,i wish to know you.

A doctor S who wants me to be his guide when he visits Malaysia. Go get a proper guide..

How are you doing? I'm Sxxxxxxx by name... i was looking around the site when i came across your profile. i will like to know more about you if you dont mind. i have the intention of coming to your country withing 3 weeks from now and i will like to meet you when am there, i hope to see your response.
Dr Sxxxxxxx

My picture caught GJ's attention..

How are you today? Hope you are doing great and enjoying your weekend? your picture really caught my attention.i would love to be your friend.Can we be friends.can we get to know each other. Hope to hear from you...

J is very gushy and my guard is up instantly. Btw how does one "purse" a while? And he must have spend time looking up all the idioms. What makes he thinks I want to be a gift...

Compliment of the year!
May I start to say that nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. The journey of a mile begins with a step. I came across your profile and purse a while. I sometimes discovered that good and rare personalities are always hidden. It's my pleasure to come across your profile, believe me everything happens for a reason. Our meeting here is not by accident neither it's coincidental. I recalled that we all stumble, every one of us that’s why it’s a comfort to go hand in hand and I believe that no road is long with good company.
I'll appreciate your friendship and see if we're compatible. For "Of all facilities, the most charming is that of firm and gentle friendship"
Unfortunate that I never been lucky meeting honest people online except my late wife many years back but I hope you might be my new year gift from above.
Hope to hear from you. Happy new year! you can email me (jxxxxxxxxyy@ymail.com)or give me your email so i can write you.
have a nice day.

SE is very short. I am fine, thank you....


BC wrote to me, saying he is in need of soul mate BUT asked what my intensions(sic) are, and if I have the same as his (Haaa?? what is the same.. I not the same lahhhh) and then..please get back to him (ehhh you write to me and I am supposed to get back to you?) and start from there (where???)....


A mounty, RM thinks I can make him feel happy....

Hello Dear…..i know this email will meet you by surprise, my name is Rxxxxxx Mxxx I’m a Canadian but presently working in United Kingdom as a contractor, am here seeking for a woman who will make me feel happy I mean A friend. I contacted you today because when I came across your profile my mind tells me that you are what am looking for please you can write me true my email address or you can send me your email address for easy communications xxxxxxxyy(@)live.com waiting for your urgent responds soonest. Yours Rxxxxxx

And just a moment ago, yet another one came in from Dr. HA but sentence tunggang langgang. Said he was passing by (how is that possible, I have no idea, since it is FB) when he was cut(?) by a glimpse of my pix.....

Hi, am Dr. my Hxxxxx Axx from U.K & I’m Working as my own practitioner at All saints specialist Clinic London. I'm a single father with a son. I was just passing by when I’m cut by a glimpse of your picture here and cannot go without telling you how good you look. Can we be friends if you don’t mind? Expecting to read from you soon here is my e-mail address xxxxxxxxxyyyy@yahoo.com

At least its there for a good laugh and an ego booster.