01 May 2010


It has been some time since I went shopping for books.  Sometime last week son#4 mentioned about getting more books.  I did not want to just hand over the money to him and then limit his choice since I did not trust him to spend wisely, so I wanted to follow.

Actually I have already planned to shop in KLC*C for quite some time.  Hehehe.. Doter had tears in her eyes when I announced that we were going to KLC*C while she goes for her tuition.  Alahai manja tol anak mama dia ni..

Anyway, this morning (had a lousy breakfast at Lengkuas, food was dry and it was difficult to even swallow the food) and then left KA at the centre.  Drove back to complete my housework (read: hang out the washing and cleanup the kitchen).  Faiz woke up and had a quick breakfast and off we went to KLC*C.

Drive was uneventful but Faiz asked alot of question.  Iye lah, now he has a driving licence and soon he would have to drive into KL to do his industrial training.  He is still amazed that his old mom remembers the routes in KL.

KLC*C is still the same (almost).  Busy and packed with people.  Luckily we were there early.  Browsed thru the shelves at Kino and after making our purchase, we went to Meidi Ya.. since we promised KA that we will get some choux.  Pandai Faiz pacify KA.  See.. they know each other's likes.  Also grabbed some buns and buah berangan.  Since the books were heavy and we still wanted to shop somemore, Faiz volunteered sending them to the car.  I went into Toy R Us.  Hahaha.. kids gelakkan saja when they discovered that I had a TRU card.  Ini semua sejak kehadiran Fatin.  Wanted to get something for her.  Something my kids (actually KA) used to enjoy playing!  After that purchase I ran into Cold Storage to get some salad.  There was a signage that says that it was a "No plastic bag day" but the girls were still packing the stuff into plastic bags.  Hmm.. not implemented yet, I guess.  I came prepared with my own bag since CS and Carre4 at Alamanda has already implemented it.  (Come to think of it, so has all the 7-11 and Guradian in BBB, so we are used to it).  Anyway, I told the girl I dont need bags and pulled out my own bag with flourished.. (Hahaha.. beg makin kecik, barang yang di sumbatkan dalam beg makin bertambah).

Now the drive back home.  I must make sure I get in the correct lane to get into the SMART tunnel!  Hmm.. not many cars in it.  We were home too early to fetch KA back, so we went home first.

Note: Must do something to the bald patch.  Yesterday, I politely asked my neighbour to move his old pajero to the other side of the road.  He had parked his broken down car in front of my house for so many months that the grass under the car had all died.

Everyone thought it was my car since it is right in front of my house.  I just dont understand it.  Its not that there wasnt space in front of his house (there was.. and he even had a very nice rock garden and potted plants placed there!!).  There was even ample space across the road since our house face the playground.  But then, he has his garden there.. banana trees, pokok cempedak, pandan, limau nipis.. you name it.. and yes he planted them in the space (across the road) in front of his house as well as mine, and no, I do not get the fruits of his labour.

He was all apologies and moved the car last nite.  Now, I should do something, like plant some shrubs or brick up the space so that nobody gets ideas and start their own garden there..  Any suggestions??