21 February 2012

Ya Allah

....Ya Allah

....Sekiranya dia adalah suami pilihan Mu diArash
....berilah aku kekuatan dan keyakinan untuk terus bersamanya.

....Sekiranya dia adalah suami yang akan membimbing tanganku dititianMu
....kurniakanlah aku sifat kasih dan redha atas segala perbuatannya

....Sekiranya dia adalah bidadara untuk ku di Jannah Mu
....limpahkanlah aku dengan sifat tunduk dan tawaduk akan segala perintahnya

....Sekiranya dia adalah yang terbaik untukku di DuniaMu
....peliharalah tingkah laku serta kata-kataku dari menyakiti perasaannya

....Sekiranya dia adalah jodoh yang dirahmati olehMu
....berilah aku kesabaran untuk menghadapi segala kerenah dan ragamnya


20 February 2012

Happenings in December/January/February

Fuhh...fuhh..blow away all the spider webs in this blog. Hehe..been too preoccupied lately. 

What with the surprising news from my niece Dora.. springing a surprise that she has found a soul mate and his parents were coming up to 'meet-the-bakal-besan'. Rushed down to malacca. They then set the date of the engagement (tho' frankly me and anne would be happier if they just got married). 1st date chosen was 15 january, then the mil-to-be called up and asked if they cud bring the date forward to 15 december. Almost had a relapse there! Then it was set to be the day before Dora fly back to Adelaide. Did my usual stuff of preparing the hantaran..all 7 dulangs of it, in silver, black and white. It all went well on the day. Alhamdulillah..

Meanwhile, I took up the government offer of RM500. I qualified. Got Faiz to download the necessary forms. Submitted the completed form to LHDN. And the wait begins.

Few days ago, I received the letter asking me to collect the voucher at a school nearby. Letter stated, collection time is between 2-6pm on Sunday. So just before 2pm, I asked my son to send me there as I suspect that parking will be troublesome. Walked the 100meters to the school hall. Many others were all heading in the same direction. As I approached the main gate, the security guard manning the gate was grumbling as some people insist on parking in the school grounds, and they were not ferrying disabled or old people. 

Joined the others who were queuing at the entrance of the hall. About 20 people were allowed in each time. The old and invalids (on wheelchairs or with walking aids) were allowed to walk right in. Now the confusion begins as soon as we stepped inside the hall. There was utter chaos as there was no clear instruction as to where we are supposed to go next. There was a band of Puteri Um*no and several Wani*ta Um*no were around to assist us, but they were just as confused. I showed my letter to one of the P-Um*no. She in turn, asked another more senior P-Um*no and I was told to register at Table 9. Almost everyone was asked to queue at Table 9! Step-by-step, I neared the table. Finally I was there in front of the SYT. Handed her my letter. Nope, she couldn't find my name in her list. She passed my letter to her colleague (Table 8 - no one was in her queue. Strange!). They asked me to take a seat first while they sort out my problem (my name wasn't in any of the list).

Finally after the letter got passed from one person to another, they figured out what was the problem. They quote "masaalah teknikal". I was supposed to come in the morning. Ya lahh.. my name starts with "I" after all. (After session starts with "N"). Haish.. I was made to sit in another corner, while the P-Um*no retrieve my voucher for me. (Yeaaa...I don't have to queue to register and then further wait for my number to be called to get the voucher.) They handed me the voucher and told me (unfortunately) I have to cash it at the bank the next day. Fine by me!

Walked out of the hall and called Faiz. He was parked nearby and off I went to the car.

So tomorrow I would have to go to the bank and comfortably cash the voucher.