22 January 2011

Azri and Atuk..(1)

Azri goes visit Atuk on weekends that he is not busy and when the weather permits. Azri only have his Kriss to take him on his various trips. He also have to take care of the house in exchange of free lodging. Hahaha..usik je lah Azri.

Atuk was chirpy on Azri's last visit. Azri layan dia bersembang. Tanya if he remembers his children.

Azri: Atuk ingat anak2 Atuk?

Atuk: Ingat. Semua ada nama inggeris.
And he mentions all the names in full.
Must be on his good days. Sometimes he doesnt remember.

Atuk: Atuk bagi nama inggeris so that if they are overseas, it is easy to say their name.
Wahh.. global thinking jugak Atuk nie.

Azri: Azri ni anak Irene, cucu atuk.

Atuk: Saya mintak maaf lah, tapi ini kali pertama saya jumpa awak, cucu saya.

Huh? Hahahaha.. skema lah atuk nie.
Atuk: Jangan amik ati ye..

Atuk memories stop at his 6th grandchild. But since Azri stayed in JB with him, Azri managed to get stories of his past. Stories that I have never heard. Atuk was the strictest of fathers. He ruled with the meter long wooden ruler. Hahaha... THAT I remember...and also the occasional rubber hose. I survived. I love him. Muah..muah..

+6017 296 ****--Apa salah aku?

27/12/2009 22:56:34
Anda dipantau oleh MUIS. Anda dinasihatkan bertobat
I replied: Anda dah taubat lom? Menebar fitnah besar dosa nya
27/12/2009 23:14:37
Semua perbuatan mu di rakam utk bukti..tobatlah smtra masih idup
I replied : Semua perbuatan mu di rakam utk bukti..taubatlah sementara masih hidup
27/12/2009 23:23:31
RM0: Berdoalah kpd ALLAH sentiasa walau diri penuh dgn dosa & noda.
Ingat! Sesungguhnya Allah itu maha pengasih lagi maha penyayang serta maha pengampun..
I replied : Wah! MUIS kena pkai fadilat sms. Hahaha lawak nya
27/12/2009 23:28:49
Maalhijrah utk berubah anda akan dipantau.
I replied : Pantau lah
I gave up answering his sms. Didnt figure he is entitle to my monies, paying the bill.
I didnt know it then but I was being observed. I didnt (couldnt afford to, anyway) know I had jagas.
My question is :
WHO is this bugger?
WHY is he doing this?
WHEN did I come under his surveillance?
WHERE is he spying my house from? (Pokok besar depan rumah tu kah? Hahaha..)
HOW did he get my number?
WHAT is going on?
Until today I still dont have answers to my questions..
I have been keeping the messages in my handphone all this while but the time has come for me to delete them now.
May Allah forgive them. I forgive them.

I have traced the number to :
Abu Bakar Mustafa, Rumah Rakyat Sikamat, Jelebu. Date of Birth 1979

17 January 2011

Monday blues..

My boys wakes up late these days.. so I dont see the hurry to get breakfast.  I sleep in too.  Since KA (daughter) went to PLKN, I only do washing every other day and sometimes every 3 days.  So now we know who fills the laundry basket at home with dirty clothes!  At this rate, I might not have to pay SYABAS at all.  Hahaha.. my son Azri would certainly love that.

Azri lives in JB in his grandfather's bungalow.  He found a job in Senai and so as to save on rental, he decided to stay in Atok's house.  In exchange, he just have to maintain the upkeep of the house and compound.  Before he moved in, the creepers were all over the car porch, the lallang was taller than him (in the backyard).  The water has been cut and meter removed.  In short, the house was in a mess.  But now every weekend, he cuts the lallang and repairs whatever he can.  He keeps a record of electricity usage.  He managed to cut down to less than RM20/month.. in other words, FREE.  If only he stays in Selangor.. he would also get FREE water.

This morning Ross called to say she coming over for a chat.  I have not seen her since we went separate ways in 1975.  But as I was giving her directions on how to get to my place, I remembered Mak Andeh mentioning about the traffic jam on the Federal Hiway.  So we had to cancel the plans.  Never mind Ross, some other day.

Brother in law called to say my niece got a place in TKC.  Congratulations Adi Nadhirah!!

16 January 2011

Sweet Child of Mine..

Day after she left for PLKN, my daughter had already called asking for a list of things she needed (but could not squeeze into her bag when she left for the Camp).  So the sunday after, we went to visit her.  Mdm GPS lead the way.  It is so so so far away.  I would have turned back half way (read: lost confidence).  The rows of abandoned houses, followed by jungle and then out of nowhere, wooden estate houses (but hey! I saw the B.yond aerial ontop of one of the houses) and finally an out of way cowboy town.

Then only did we see the Camp.  Looks like any boarding school only the dorms are half wooden/half brick.  We had to check in at the gate before we are allowed into the Camp compound, that too was just until the parking area.  We had to register our presence again at the office before we can meet our wards.

KA was sweetly and smartly dressed in her powder blue uniform.  Took her to a wakaf and shared the NY cheese cake she asked for.  Spend almost 2 hours there and we had to leave.  The initial plan was to go up to Tg Malim for pau and chinese food BUT Fatin left her milk bag at home.  (Ayah and Mama both said they expect the other to get the bag!)  So Plan B was Burger King at R&R Jejantas.  That will do just fine for me.

2nd sunday we did not go to Camp.  But from the time she got her handphone on saturday morning, KA has been calling and giving me a list of things she wants when we go see her next sunday.  Since she tired of camp food, she begged me to bring anything.  Finally settled for BK Double Mushroom Swiss burger, onion rings and Mozzarella sticks.

Am happy that she is happy and enjoying herself with new and old friends.
Am worried that her health is giving her problems again.