30 April 2010

Sound improvement

Son #4 has been bugging me to change the car horn.  Eversince the accident the car sounds like it has a terrible cold.  Nak terjah orang pun malu.

Son insist on going to "Kedai Abang", jenama agak terkenal.  So off we went to the shop.  I drove right up the front of the shop and stopped the engine.  A staff immediately walked up to my car and asked what I wanted.  (Actually he wanted me to move my car.. I assume lah..Hahahaha).  So I told him I was shopping for a car horn.  He told me that "kereta MyVi ni susah nak tukar horn, kena bukak bumper dia.. akan ambil masa 3 jam gitu".  Felt quite put off by the attitude and negativeness.  I guess what he wanted to tell was.. ala, setakat mak chik je yang drive tak yah lah susahkan saya, nak tukar2 horn pulak.

I just told him that I want to checkout anyway.  The car horn was placed on the upper floors (hated that), so I had to trudge upstairs.  Many2 interesting things on the way up.  Tested some horns and liked the brand Hell*a.  Tanya harga and cuba tawar menawar.  Tapi tu lah.. jawapan yang di beri.. "ni last stock", "yang tu takde lagi", "tak boleh pulak nak bunyikan" membuat hati bertambah tawar.  Last2 cakap pada son, jom kita keluar.

Just to pacify a frustrated heart, we went to San Fra*n.  Just ordered the salad and soup.  Food was delicious but the place smelt a bit dank.

Then off we went to another car accessory shop in a new section of BBB.  They have only a few models but these people were friendlier and certainly knew how to make a sale.  Again I asked how long it will take to put in the new horn.. and surprisingly he said, 45 minutes!!  Huhuhu obviously the previous shop didnt see me as a potential long term customer.  Rugi lah luuuu...

I gave the go ahead to replace the horn and at the same time, shopped for new wipers.  The staff also educated me on the wiring aspects of installing the horn.  Pandai lah sikit.  Hehehe..
Now I takut nak tekan horn.. bunyi kuat I tell you...

Moving on

My kids made alot of noise abt me still being on blog*drive whilst they all are registered here. Ok lah.. apa2 lah.. heheh as though I blog often nowadays.

Will continue when my son has "beautify" this place..