17 January 2011

Monday blues..

My boys wakes up late these days.. so I dont see the hurry to get breakfast.  I sleep in too.  Since KA (daughter) went to PLKN, I only do washing every other day and sometimes every 3 days.  So now we know who fills the laundry basket at home with dirty clothes!  At this rate, I might not have to pay SYABAS at all.  Hahaha.. my son Azri would certainly love that.

Azri lives in JB in his grandfather's bungalow.  He found a job in Senai and so as to save on rental, he decided to stay in Atok's house.  In exchange, he just have to maintain the upkeep of the house and compound.  Before he moved in, the creepers were all over the car porch, the lallang was taller than him (in the backyard).  The water has been cut and meter removed.  In short, the house was in a mess.  But now every weekend, he cuts the lallang and repairs whatever he can.  He keeps a record of electricity usage.  He managed to cut down to less than RM20/month.. in other words, FREE.  If only he stays in Selangor.. he would also get FREE water.

This morning Ross called to say she coming over for a chat.  I have not seen her since we went separate ways in 1975.  But as I was giving her directions on how to get to my place, I remembered Mak Andeh mentioning about the traffic jam on the Federal Hiway.  So we had to cancel the plans.  Never mind Ross, some other day.

Brother in law called to say my niece got a place in TKC.  Congratulations Adi Nadhirah!!