22 January 2011

Azri and Atuk..(1)

Azri goes visit Atuk on weekends that he is not busy and when the weather permits. Azri only have his Kriss to take him on his various trips. He also have to take care of the house in exchange of free lodging. Hahaha..usik je lah Azri.

Atuk was chirpy on Azri's last visit. Azri layan dia bersembang. Tanya if he remembers his children.

Azri: Atuk ingat anak2 Atuk?

Atuk: Ingat. Semua ada nama inggeris.
And he mentions all the names in full.
Must be on his good days. Sometimes he doesnt remember.

Atuk: Atuk bagi nama inggeris so that if they are overseas, it is easy to say their name.
Wahh.. global thinking jugak Atuk nie.

Azri: Azri ni anak Irene, cucu atuk.

Atuk: Saya mintak maaf lah, tapi ini kali pertama saya jumpa awak, cucu saya.

Huh? Hahahaha.. skema lah atuk nie.
Atuk: Jangan amik ati ye..

Atuk memories stop at his 6th grandchild. But since Azri stayed in JB with him, Azri managed to get stories of his past. Stories that I have never heard. Atuk was the strictest of fathers. He ruled with the meter long wooden ruler. Hahaha... THAT I remember...and also the occasional rubber hose. I survived. I love him. Muah..muah..