02 February 2011


Time was 12.27.
Date - 2nd february 2011
Location: I was deep in the bowels of Low Yat (parking lot, meh!), when this message came in..

"Ni ayah guna fon police tlong bgi credit maxi$ 50 ringgi ke nombo bru ayah 0128114817  Ayah lgi ada msalah kat blai police. ta payah call, sekejap ayah call."

Ya right!
1.  Sejak bila my dad bahasa diri "ayah".
2.  Sejak bila my dad (if it was my dad) guna handphone. Phone telekom yang biasa tu pun dia dah potong sebab dia guna Wifi**
3.  Dad doesnt know text shortforms...tlong, bgi, lgi, msalah, blai, ta.
4.  Dad would speak in english.
5.  Beware of the word maxi$.. people who use $$ in place of 'S', must be after your $$$.
6.  Cant even spell ringgit properly.

**Dad, in his own world can make calls without even using the phone. All he needs to do is to tip his head abit and he gets his 'calls' through.

Tak kuasa nak layan. My son told me NOT to even try calling the number because apparently there is a program that will suck ALL your credit dry.

I do wish these people find a job and purchase their own phone credits. Tak selamat hidup menipu nie.