07 July 2011

Maid Story - #5

After Sarah left, we had to resort to leaving the boys at the baby sitter. She is the mother of one of staff working at the workshop. It wasn't for long. She then offered the services of her niece, Ani. Ani was hardworking but a bit rough. But I guess, after fragile Sarah, everyone would look rough!

Ani is like any youngster. Every evening I come home from work to see, not only the boys all fresh and clean but Ani too was dressed up and face made up. I suspect that she is not all okay "upstairs". The children likes her though and she is also a great cook.

The only part that I could not tolerate about Ani was...she doesn't work weekends. That doesn't sound too bad actually but she only appears on my doorstep on monday morning. So every monday morning, I would anxiously look out the door to see if Ani has arrived. She goes off to her friend's house in Nilai and her normal excuse is.. there is no bus or the bus is late. It definitely affects my work schedule too. 

So I decided that I had to look for a more reliable maid.