27 July 2011


As I was driving, heard a message coming in, on my green phone. Its either the banks or my sister. She is on the blue telco, so it is easier to call or send message to me on my green phone, which is on the blue telco too. Anyway, parked my car in the driveway before I read her message...
"In a sentence, which is object and which is subject?" 
My first reaction was, "Huh??"

Okay, suspects that it is related to Afnan's homework. We speak english but we don't care much about the rules. Quickly turned on the laptop and googled the information. I had better get the correct information before I embarrass myself in front of Afnan.

Simply said, "the subject is the person/thing doing the action", whilst "the object is the person/thing receiving or affected by the action". The verb will be the action.

Armed with that information, I returned her call. It turned out that she was doing HER 'arab' homework while waiting for her car to be serviced. Hahaha.. Afnan jugak yang kena!

This brought back memories of teaching english to adults. 


NYKOLETT said...

salam wynn...jom singgah blog i amik award...sudi-sudi ya..