06 June 2011

Dont read and eat..or Dont eat and read

For as long as I can remember, I have this habit of reading while eating. It could be the nasi lemak wrapper, (when they use to use the newspaper to wrap the nasi lemak), any document that needs to be read (while in office) and if I happen to have the internet right in front of me, I will be browsing through. Nowadays I will put in a small magazine or a novel in my handbag, so that I can indulge in reading while waiting for my order to arrive or for my number to get called up (at the Post office or bank).

When eating at the mamak, I will first check my FB (most mamak comes with free wifi) and then open my novel and continue reading where I left off. When my mee goreng arrive, I will just squeeze the lime and start eating...THEN... I accidentally bite on the fiery cili api. Huhuhu..

On night, my doter and I walked into a restaurant to indulge in cakes. My doter, just before she left for college, said she wanted 'choc mud cake' (her favorite). Besides the cake, she also ordered the gourmet pie. My order was the chicken currypuff and durian cheesecake. Oooo..the durian cheesecake was to die for. It was like eating seedless D24 on a biscuit crust. Then I opened my book and started reading as I ate the currypuff. Halfway through my doter whispered, "Ma..what's that?"..pointing at the chicken in my currypuff. I put the book down and peered at the piece of chicken (I had put it aside as I don't like eating chicken that much). 

Arghhhh....horrors... I saw a few telur lalat on the piece of chicken!!

Called the supervisor and showed her the 'masterpiece'. She was all apologies and asked if she could give me a replacement. I told her to pack it up. All of a sudden, I lost my appetite. 

Had I been alone, I might have swallowed it all up and end up with an upset tummy. This act of reading and eating at the same time can be dangerous..hmmm..