29 June 2011

Meeting old friends

Yes, my youngest son had just completed his final exams. Then he was busy making preparations to present his Final Year Project. But in between he managed to seek employment too. I am proud that my children has succeeded this far.

Busy as he was.. he was still obliging when Mama asked him to accompany her to meet some old friends. First we had to pickup Kak Nani at BTHO. With minimal directions, we found the location. Meanwhile I was on the phone trying to convince Aya Idris to come along. (Didnt know that she was taking care of her eldest son who is dependent on dialysis.) Her husband gave her the green light (thank you Azmi) and so we picked up Aya too. 

Then we were blindly travelling towards what we thought was the entrance to TBS (Terminal Bersepadu Selatan). But we confused it with Tasik Selatan Station. In the end, we did manage to find the correct route, and we were lucky enough to get the car parked at level 4. Ex boss, Nurul was waiting for us in front of her new shop. From then on, it was chatting and bringing each other up-to-date with all of the other friends that we have not met for so long. Penat bersembang di kedai, kita adjourn ke kedai mamak for a drink. Faiz was hovering as a reminder that he needs to get back to college (since he was in his blue jacket).

Nurul and I

From left, Aya Idris, Nurul Nuriah, Kak Nani and I

From left, Faiz (in blue), myself and Aya Idris

From left, Kak Nani, myself, Aya Idris and Nurul

Kak Nani and Nurul

We left with a promise to meet again.. maybe at Mohd Nor Haq's daughter's wedding early July.