16 June 2011

Fatin And I ~ tolo

Fatin is very choosy about her food. Living with a grandmother (definitely not I) who is a wonderful cook, she has upgraded her taste buds to accept spicy food. Her current favourite is nasi lemak but dont you dare remove the sambal. She loves it hot and she must get extra boiled eggs.

One time when we (bangi family) were busy looking elsewhere, she went to the fridge and helped herself to the eggs. She thought they were boiled eggs. She tried breaking the shell and panicked when the runny egg flowed out. But smart girl that she was, she quickly put it inside a small basket (that I got from a wedding), and then said, "Fatin nak tolo".

Tired Mama had to get up and boil her an egg and cleanup the mess. After feeding Fatin the boiled egg, she asked for another. 

Early this month, Azhar was recovering from his tonsils op and Mama had to work (assignments and datelines). Atok and Nenek were off to Indonesia, so Azhar brought Fatin over to bangi. 

My main worry was feeding fussy Fatin. Bought her nasi lemak but it remain untouched. I made her an omelete but she refused it too. Boiled an egg but that she turned that down too. 

Oma : "Oma give up lah. Tatau apa Fatin nak mkn"
Dengan selamba Fatin menjawab : "Baguslah!"
Ish..ada yang nak kena nie.

** After the nasty accident when Fatin helped herself to the raw egg, I installed a child-lock on my fridge. She was caught with her body pulled backward, trying to pry it open.