09 June 2011

Khairin And I - Kaeru

As I was reading, I came across an article which mentions "Kaeru" or japanese for frog. The frog is viewed as a harbinger of new beginnings since its name in japanese, kaeru, is a homonym for the verb meaning "change".

Baby Kero

My doter is sometimes called "Kero" and she so does love the frog character. This time round it really means something for her. We even bought Baby Kero (above) to mark the change in her life. A big move in her academic life. The move from being a student to being a siswi. From being spoon fed to having to do her own research. The move from sharing her room with mama to sharing her room with someone of her own age. This includes getting her own meals and washing her clothes, to taking care of her health.

I pray that Allah will take care of my darling baby..amin

p/s Bila nak bawak Baby Kero dok sama2..