26 May 2011

Another one fly out the nest ~ Part 2

All too soon, monday came around. Registration Day for Een.

I left the packing to her. She is old enough to handle it and she had previous experience during her 3-months trip to PL*KN. The night before, the kids spend time with Fatin. I was anxiously waiting at home. I was afraid that if they came back too late, they might wake up late too.

True enough, we were finally ready to leave home at 7am ( I wanted to leave at 6am). Long, long jam from Batu 9, Cheras right up to the traffic light at Batu 14, Hulu Langat. No choice but to go with the slow-flow. Some inconsiderate people still overtake on the left. I was getting goose pimples on my arm, holding in my pee! Finally reached Azhar's house and practically pounded on his door, trying to get in. Hahaha.. left Azhar to park my car and for Een to unload her bags and transfer them to the Alza. (She managed to repack and cut down the amount of clothes she needs to bring to college). Two bags full of clothes, one pail full of toiletries and hangers, a pillow (just in case the one provided is full of "maps") and a big paper bag of other items. Her x-ray is tucked inside the pillow. Her documents placed in her back pack. Being the 'ayu' specie, she still have her handbag.

We quickly repack and drove off. Just as we left the house, Azhar asked if we are heading for Puncak Perdana (the other UiTM). Hahaha..luckily he asked for confirmation, else we would be heading to the wrong Puncak. Stopped by the roadside and redirected the GPS towards Puncak Alam. 

All too soon, we arrived at P/Alam. My-my.. the place looks so impressive. Buildings spread from the bottom of the hill right up to the top. Colour coded buildings - purple for academic, orange for siswi and red for siswa. Een said "tak rela kalau boys dapat purple building!" (Een is at the crazy for JB stage and JB likes the colour purple!). There was a long, staggered steps/corridor linking from the academic buildings to the residential buildings (ala-ala Batu caves). Yes, we were informed that there was a total of 284 steps and given a guarantee that the students will lose weight. Tak payah pergi gym atau Lon*don W/Mgmt.

We were directed to a common parking place and asked to unload our bags and get on the bus that is servicing the move from the parking place to the registration area. Got on the bus and Een said she wanted to share room with her friend (fellow school mate). So I asked encik senior, if that is possible. I was told to wait for the friend and just register together. Easy peasy! The bus parked at the padang kawad and we were asked to go to the cafe/surau area to register. That involves going down a steep flight of stairs. Oh my..this does reminds me of ITM in my days, only we had hills to climb sampai naik tong*gek bon*tot!

We waited for S who was on the next bus. So they registered together and managed to get the same room. Block 5, second floor, Unit #4, Room B. Luckily they have elevators!! I dont fancy climbing up more steps. Een got down to business and grabbed the broom and swept the floor. (I was impressed, since only my constant nagging makes her sweep the floor when at home). I put on the bedsheet and pillows. We came prepared with rags and antiseptic spray to clean the shelves and tables. As she was unpacking, I asked for the hanger full of tudungs that she has ironed, to hang in the cupboard. This was when Een suddenly turned pale and dropped the bombshell! She forgot to pack it in the car this morning. She only have the light green tudung on her. She was begging me to go back and get them! Hahaha..no way we are going back just for that. S wasnt too happy when her mom told her to share with Een. So instead we asked for directions on where to get new tudungs for her.

Azhar and his GPS took us to the not-so-near Econ*Save (20km). Azhar said it is some in Kpg Subang Baru. Bought her some tudungs (enough to last the week and not smell). Then we went back to P/Alam for mekdi. Oh yes, otw we passed UiTM Puncak Perdana. P/Alam is defintely a more beautiful place. While waiting at the traffic light, to do a U-turn to get to mekdi, we saw a sign that says Econ*Save (1.5km). Stupid GPS wasted time and petrol directing us to the farther Econ*Save! Sabar je haku!

Ate at mekdi. Ordered a big mac but was given double cheese (same price). I insisted on a change since it was their fault and I was tired and cranky. While eating, entertained myself looking at this little boy (3 yo, I think) who, while his friends were busy playing at the playroom, he was busy arranging and re-arranging the shoes at the shoe rack. The other thing that caught my eye was this kid was bedecked in jewellery. He had gold rings on his fingers and gold bracelets on both wrists. His bracelets was thicker than my janggut-udang-thickness bracelet too!!

After the meal, we sent Een back to the bus. Told her to get back to her room by herself. It was late and I am tired. Hugs and kisses.. I left my baby at P/Alam. Was so sleepy but I still have the drive back to Bangi. Luckily the roads are not busy.