21 May 2011

Another one fly out the nest

All too soon, the last of MY kids is flying out of the nest. No..no.. not for good. Not yet.
After getting an impressive (in my family) results in her SPM, thus starts the wait for offers from the Unis. First to come in are various offerings from the private colleges/Uni. With mother, no longer working, and dad almost MIA, Een has to hope for offers from IPTA only.

After having a peek at Kolej Matriks Tangkak (send bro #3 there), she was banking on going there. I don't mind as the place is quite near and familiar. I once drove there, in record time of 45 minutes from home. And there is Tangkak, kain ela heaven.. hehe.. until I discover Nilai3. However, since Een is from a technical background (she did Engineering Techonology and Engineering Drawings in her SPM), she was assigned Kolej Mat*riks Teknikal in JENG*KA! Hahaha..first on Een's mind was..jadi peneroka(?) With a heavy heart, we started goggling the place. The place has been developed, so tak ada lah "peneroka sangat" atau "tinggal dalam hutan". Een started preparing half-heartedly.

The week after, she found out that she got a place to do her foundation (Engineering) in UiT*M,  Puncak Alam. Her friends started teasing her, singing.."menuju puncak.. ala-ala AF".. hahaha. With a happier skip in her steps, she started her preparation.

1.  Printing out the documents (wahhh..nowadays semua online, kena berusaha sendiri). In my day, we waited for the postman to deliver the thick envelopes with the necessary documents. Getting Een to fill up the documents. Hadoi..everyday must nag! Finally I took over to check and make a to-do list.

2.  Check completion of forms

3.  To find the balance of her photographs that I took when she registered for her PLK*N. Knowing that she was going into college, I took the liberty of printing a dozen of her photo. Checked. I found it in the zippered slot in my purse. I have no recollection of putting it there.

4.  Getting all the necessary IC and birth certificates photocopied. Here comes the part that I hate most because it is out of my control! Called up the dad and asked for the necessary documents. He said he was busy and will do it asap. 2 days later, reminded him. Said he was working in Taiping (so?). Next day reminded him again.. he asked for my email id, said he will send an email. I checked the mailbox every hour after that. Until today, I have still not received it. Finally asked him to just send via post laju.

5.  My sister's neighbour was of position to "sahkan" all the documents. So off we went knocking on Dr.M's door. 2-in-1, I also got her to sign Azri's documents too. 

6.  Headed to Az-zahra for her medical checkup. Drove around the block twice, to get parking. Saw a guy walking to his car, in front of Bang*i Kopi*tiam..waited for his parking space. Walked all the way to Az-zahra. SYT at the counter said it can be done, but it will be a 2-3 hours wait and cost RM61. I said OK and asked Een to go get it done, while I parked myself infront of the idiot box. After about 10 minutes, an sms came in.."Ma ada air tak, I can't pee". Inspite of reminding her to go with a full bladder..I still get this! So I had to go find a drink for her.. Tea in a can that cost RM2. Got back to her with the drink and settled myself at another settee in the waiting room. Between reading (I came prepared) and looking at sick babies, I was getting very sleepy. Finally she completed everything and we walked to the pharmacy to pay the bill. I don't know why, but we got a few RM discount. Alhamdulillah.

7.  We went to Bank Islam (I hate the service here) to pay her fees as well as to open an account for her allowance to be banked in. The bank was undergoing major renovation. The place was dusty and the floor was sandy (berpasir). Went to the CS counter and fella gave us some forms to complete. Taught Een to fill up the forms. We had to get Een's IC photocopied at tujuh-sebelas...cost us 40sens for 1 copy. Cekik darah betul! Got Een a calling number and asked her to find a wall to lean on since all the seats are taken up. Then I left Een at the bank.  I walked to the nearby PO to get setem hasil for all 5 contracts (een's and azri's). Then I walked to my bank, to get some "supplement". Went back to BnkIslam and saw Een busy playing games on her handphone. She was still some 20 numbers away from being called. I grabbed the seat next to her, that was vacated. I almost fell asleep waiting for her turn.

8.  Next on the agenda was to get the agreements stamped. Since I have done it before, I drove straight to LH*DN in the bus station Jalan Reko. Hehe.. the drive up the very steep ramp to the parking lot on the rooftop made me giddy. The guard there wasn't friendly and the samples on how to complete the form that they have on the notice boards wasn't helpful at all! Anyway, we got everything correct and the documents was stamped..BAM..BAM..BAM. The officer did not even glance at it!

9.  Last but not least..her packing. I will leave that to her but by the looks of it, she wished she can just move the whole house over to Puncak Alam!

Just waiting for Monday. Before dawn, I will be 'deporting' her over to her brother in Ampang. Then we will ride the Alza to Puncak Alam.

***singalong** menuju puncak...