22 May 2011

Fatin And I ~ Frenemies

Fatin calls her aunt, "Uu-Een", very short for Mak Chik Bongsu Khairin...hahaha.. They are the best FRENEMIES, especially since Fatin starts talking back.

In the car, after shopping at Guard***, Khairin took out the M&M that she bought. She wanted to share with Fatin, but Fatin insist that it belongs to her.

Fatin:  Atin punya!
Khairin:  Uu-een nak sikit..
Fatin: Tak boleh!
Khairin:  Uu-een naaakk..
Fatin:  Uu-een tamak  (Fatin is a bit confuse using the word "tamak" here)
Khairin:  Fatin lah tamak

I had to step in as the fight was getting very loud and is disturbing my driving. (Driving is JB needs my full concentration in order to avoid getting hit or hitting someone or someone's vehicle!)

Mama:  Dah lah Khairin..
Fatin:  Dah lah Khairin  (she parrots)
Khairin:  Uu-een naaakk..
Fatin:  Tak nak kawan Fatin (??)  

Fatin was so exasperated with her aunt and got confused in the process and ends up not wanting to "friend" her own self. We had a good laugh!