31 May 2011

Another one fly out the nest ~ Part 3

Before continuing on my doter's life in Puncak Alam, let me show the place. This is a snap shot of the infamous steps.. all 294 of them. Spanning from the hostel (orange color building) to the Academic building in purple. It is a covered corridor and there is also a jejantas/bridge crossing over a four-lane road. 

Phew..am I glad I am not a student there!

After sending her to register in her hostel (minus her tudungs, which she conveniently left at home), we left KA to begin her life as a siswi. She managed to get some shut eye before the long dragging taklimats began. By the way, the hostel is aptly name Rafflesia for the siswi and Angsana for the siswa. Girls live in the orange colored buildings and are warned against entering the red colored buildings belonging to the boys.

1st day, I sms-ed at 11.15pm to wish her goodnite but she replied that they are still in the padang kawad listening to taklimats. Her backside was getting numb sitting on the tarmac and it looks like the nite is not going to end too soon.

2nd day, At 1.50am, she sent an sms saying she was about to hit the pillows. 6.15am, I wished her a good morning and hope she enjoys the cold bathe. To which she replied, "Tak mandi. Kan dah mandi before tidor tadi kul 2 pagi".  Hahaha.. savings betul budak ni. Now she really appreciates food provided at PL*KN, as the food provided here is tasteless but nevertheless she eats because she is hungry. After that there was more taklimats indoor and outdoor. In the evening they have aerobics. Today she had the 1st taste of marching up/down the 294steps. Quote: "memang dah rasa kurus dah and terasa nak tercabut lutut". 

3rd day, I wished her good nite at 1am. She replied half an hour later, saying that they have just completed ragging. She's taking a bath and going in to bed. They have to be up by 4.30am. They have to compete for the bathroom and to wash their clothes, before going in for the early morning ceramah. Her legs are aching but on the plus side, she is convinced that her thighs are leaner! Hahaha.. After breakfast, she ran upstairs to get her washing/laundry. Said she felt awkward standing in the elevator with a pail full of wet clothes but she prefers to hang her clothes out to dry on the lines downstairs. The sunny weather ensured she gets crispy clean clothes. She still have not found where the illusive washing machine! Throughout the day, endless ceramah. She is fast learning how to sleep while sitting down although she did topple over twice! Hahaha..  She wish the week will just sweep over and orientation is over. Until late at night, we were passing sms-es discussing about her plans to get home this weekend.

4th day, midnight, she said "pelik lah iron baju atas meja, hahaha..". 6am, she said she is coming home by commuter with her roomate. 8.30am, she asked, "How do I go back by commuter? I forgot". Actually, she only goes out with her brother/s, so she has never travelled anywhere by herself. The plan was for them to go back after making the student card on saturday.

5th day, said she slept at 3.30am. Supposed to be up by 5am but all of them (in the house) only woke up at 7am! They missed the kuliah subuh and went straight to the dining hall. Only message at 11.00am, to confirm that she was coming home the next day.

6th day, HAPPY DAY.. she's coming home. After making the student card (luckily they were early), they went back and packup and took the bus to Shah Alam, changed buses to get to KL Sentral before hopping on the commuter. 2pm she sms-ed to say she is at Serdang station. Time for me to go to the UKM commuter station. My baby's coming home.

There she was, in her baju kurung, sports shoes and dragging the luggage bag. Hahaha.. what a picture! She stinks sky high so we headed home first for her bath. She was smiling as she walked into the house and I know she is happy to be home again. She miss her kero, her small pillow, her favourite bathroom, her bed.. everything in the house.