25 April 2011

Fatin And I ~ Poyoco Pintu

Fatin sat down beside me. I had my ipad in my hands and was playing solitaire. She told me, "Nak Poyoco". I corrected her "PO-CO-YO". She ignored me and pointed at the ipad and repeated "Poyoco". Apa-apa lah Fatin.. So I goggle search Pocoyo and selected one. 

Viewed this with Fatin.. --Pocoyo Door

When Pocoyo said "Door", I said, "Door". Fatin said "Pintu". I said "Door".. but Fatin was adamant, "PINTU". Fatin menang.. tak kuasa Oma nak melawan.

Cute jugak Pocoyo ni..very colourful and simple english. No wonder kids love it.