15 April 2011

Maid Story - #1 Miah

Hearing my friend's search of a maid, brought back memories of my life when I was dependent on them. 

Beginning with my first born, we seek the help of family and relatives in Kedah to find us a maid. We ended up with Miah*. We went to her parents house somewhere in Guar Cempedak area. She turns out to be a lovely kampung girl complete with hair so long, it was past her waist. We brought her back to KL and then shipped her off to JB to stay with my mom. The deal was for her to help out my mom as well as to learn how to care for the baby. Life with my mom was easy, as granny did most of the work anyway. So much so, Miah had time to 'menebeng' at the neighbours' house, makan jambu air cicah kicap/cili. Everytime, Granny wanted her help, she had to call Miah back from the neighbours. Miah also got granny to trim her hair.

So, after settling in our new rented house, we finally brought back Miah and baby to KL. Each morning, I have to shake and rattle Miah's door to wake her up. Well, we can't just leave the baby alone can we? Dengan rambut mengerbang macam hantu, Miah takes the baby and we leave for work. At times, I come home early to find baby asleep in the baby walker and Miah in the bathroom. Miah said, "Adik tertidor masa Miah bagi dia makan tadi". From the neighbours, I found out that Miah befriended the Indonesian contractor workers living in the house across the road. As she hangs out the washing, the Mamat Indon will come over and they end up chatting while the washing ends up drying in the laundry basket! Miah's long hair is a bane too! She keeps on requesting for all types of shampoo. At this time, I was still using Johnson Baby Shampoo (tak pedihkan mata!) and Miah was asking for New and Trendy. Everytime we clean the car, we find many many long strands of hair stuck to the car seat.

When we start having maids, I too start my PI work. We can't trust them wholeheartedly. This was when I found out that Miah was planning to quit work giving the excuse that her mom needs her help back home. So, I told the father, we have to send Miah back before she runs off on her own and her parents blame us for not taking care of their daughter. So macam mana kita ambil dia, kita pulangkan elok elok pada parents dia jugak. Later we found out that Miah was actually afraid her boyfriend would run off, if she stayed in KL for too long. Soon after her return, she was married off to the boyfriend.

We asked granny to come and stay with us until we get a new maid.