08 April 2011


Late last nite, Faiz popped into my room (in his usual cute way, bouncing and half hopping) and announced that Azri dah sampai. My first instinct was to look at the digital clock-- 23.20-- and retorted, "Kata nak balik jumaat, apsal awal plak!" Hahaha.. he was after all 40 minutes early , so it wasn't friday yet!

Yes, son #3 got out from work and hopped on his trusty 'kriss' and came home. Work is in Senai, Johor and home is BBBangi, Selangor. Tired of nagging and scolding him about travelling on the old bike for long distance, now I just resort to lots of prayers.

This morning, woke up and went on auto-pilot.. First stop, is to let my japanese laundry lady start her work, on the way back passed the fridge and took out the marinated tandoori chicken and plonked it in the microwave. Slam shut the door and turn the knob up 2 minutes. Walked to the lounge and turn off the porch lights and open the sliding doors to let the early morning air in. Picked up the pillows (that somehow will always be on the floor), fluff it up and arrange it nicely on the couch, and then walk back into bedroom.

Jump back into bed and (not forgetting to switch off the air-cond) pull up the blankets. Go on snooze. Just then KA got up, she has to go to school for her rehearsal (prize giving day tomorrow). Heard Faiz get into his bathroom. Arghhh.. am not allowed my snooze after all.

Since the kids are all at home today, Mama decides to cook. Something I had not done for quite sometime now. Hehehe.. while ransacking through the freezer, I saw bag full of some unidentifiable things inside. Threw them in the sink, let it defrost before I decide what becomes of them. After hanging out the laundry, came back into the kitchen and what-do-you-know... the "things" turn out to be bones. I have vague memories of buying them way back..raya haji??

Chuck the bones in the pressure cooker and while that was puffing and whistling away, rummaged through the fridge to see what I could throw in the soup. Hmm.. celery, carrots and potatoes. 

Ok, that's the menu for today. Rice with tandoori chicken and sop tulang.

After all that cooking, takde selera nak makan. That is why I don't cook. I don't like to eat what I cook. **sigh**  Where can I get buah berangan (chestnuts).. teringin lah pulak..


DeLinn said...

alahai, sedapnya menu lunch tu.

u can buy buah berangan at Jusco. or Petaling Street (if i can still remember)

*hopped from Po's blog.

irenewynn said...

Hi DeLinn.. thx for dropping by. Dolu2 mmg beli kat Isetan je tapi sejak dah dok umah ni.. kena depend on the ppl yg jual ket gerai2 ni aje..