19 April 2011

Maid Story - #2 Kakak Busuk

Maid #1 Miah's tenure ended when we personally delivered her back to her parents. We survived without a maid for a few weeks before sister-in-law called to say they have another kampong girl for us.

So off we went to a tiny village in Kedah. I can't for the life recall Maid #2's name. She lives with her family in a typical kampong house on stilts. Lantai dapur pun tanah sahaja. 

On the way back from Kedah, we stopped at a restaurant to get dinner as it was already late and I am too tired to even think about cooking. Suddenly my nose caught an absolute stench, I looked around and spotted the communal bin in a back lane, nearby. I thought the stench came from that bin, so I hurried hubby to drive off.

The next day, I took leave to 'train' (so to speak) new maid. During my conversation with her, I found out that she previously worked with a family in Johor. Okay..running-in the new maid would be easy, I thought, since she already have working experience. What I didn't expect was, "Masa saya kerja dulu, majikan suruh saya jaga anak2, beri saya tengok TV dan tape sahaja (Really???) Ada majikan yang suruh maid tengok tv ek?

But my son refuse to go to her, saying the only word we understand.."busuk". So I wasn't imagining the stench the other night, that it came from the maid! I gave her sweet smelling soap, shampoo and other toiletries to clean herself. I even gave her deodorant, teaching her how to use it. I gave her new clothes. But it didn't work. It was like the bad smell ooze out with her sweat!

And if the one year old retaliates, what can we do but send the maid back after just 1 week. So it was back to granny for Azhar (my first born).