06 April 2011

Wednesday and Teechurs.. sigh..

Wednesday and just like yesterday, we woke up late and had to rush through breakfast so that we reached DryClean2U before 9am..and we were in time! I went home and was still in the car, when a man approached me. Oh yes, the T*nB contractors who were supposed to move the meter to a more visible place (facing the gate) are here. I waited for them the whole of yesterday but they never reached my house and by evening it rained. I told them to wait abit while I checked if my japanese maid has completed doing the washing. I don't want the clothes to be in the machine mid spin..hehe.. Power was cut off and that got my boys down from their rooms. Hahaha.. otherwise it would be much2 later in the day, that they would eventually stroll down. They would rather stay in bed with their laptop, facebooking.

After hanging out the laundry, I went into my room to play "Angry Birds". I was perspiring so hard that I had to wipe my hand each time I wanted to catapult the birds. Haish.. can't stand the heat. Suddenly I heard three pings, I looked up and saw the electric clock blinking away. Ahhhh.. power is back! 

Teechurs Incident No.1
Check my FB and I came across a video clip from VY. Teechurs doing the poco2 on stage! It was Teachers Day and the teechurs were showing their "skill" doing the poco2. oooammgeee.. they were so carried away, sampai singkap kain separuh betis! Ahh..ini memang sah 'haramz'. Then someone else tagged other videos of teechurs from the same school doing a fashion show and group dancing in the courtyard, with the school kids sitting on the ground forced to watching them. Macam tak hengat donia! Never had these 'performances' by my teechurs in my days.

I bucked up and went to My*Din to get yoghurt. I planned to make some tandoori chicken and was out of yoghurt. Got my things and was standing in line to pay. I was behind some ladies with so much stationeries in their trolley.

Teechurs Incident No.2
Teechur : Beli banyak nie, ada diskaun tak?
Cashier : Nanti sekejap ye kak.
Teechur : Harga fail ni RM2.90, sekolah kami selalu beli dari sini. Bagi lah kami RM2.50 ke.

After consulting her supervisor, Cashier punched the calculator and showed the teechurs a figure. I peeked and saw RM1.90.

Cashier : Saya boleh bagi harga nie. (showing the figure on the calculator)

Teechur looked abit disappointed, called out to her friend 

Teechur : Ani, meh sini. Dia kata harga fail ni RM1.90.
Cashier : Kurang singget tu kak.
Teechur : Ani, dia bagi harga singget.
Cashier : Tak kak, harga dia RM1.90, kurang singget.
Teechur : Bole lah. Dengan muka macam tak puas hati.
Cashier : (blurr)

Those aren't maths teechurs, I assume. **sigh**

My chicken tandoori is marinating in the fridge. Now to coax my oven to life...