29 April 2011

Whats in a name..

Sent my MyVi for an aircond service yesterday. With the current weather and the forthcoming travelling plans, I need to be comfortable in my car. It was a one-day job (something about the old MyVi design, that needs the total upheaval and removal of the dashboard in order to service/check the air cond) and the "Boss" said it will be ready in half an hour's time when I called him at 6pm.

Got Faiz to send me over and after some discussion with "Boss", got myself a tiny bit of discount (enough to get me a plate of fried chicken!). Boss clipped his business card to the bill and when I glanced at the name on the card, I asked him, "Ini nama boss?".
Boss:  "Ya lor.. nama saya yang belakang itu." 
Me:  "You tahu apa makna nama ini dalam bahasa inggeris?"
Boss:  "Tak tahu"
Me:  "itu makna kutu"
Boss:  "Haaa???"
Me:  "kutu"
Boss:  "Aiyooo.."

  I also found out it is also for the correct sign.

The name on the card was "T I C K".