04 April 2011



I had made plans to go visit my newest grand daughter, Mya Humayra as well as our once in a blue moon visit to Bubba Gump to celebrate Khairin's good SPM results.

First stop, however was at my adik's house for breakfast. She got us nasi ambeng. Makanan orang jawa johor. Nasi putih berlauk sambal tumis, mee goreng, serunding kelapa, sejuring ikan masin, sayur kacang panjang goreng and rendang daging. Memang mengenyangkan!

Left the house with my sister and brother in law. I was immensely annoyed when the driver decides to answer phone calls and messages that comes in (even when a police car drove by his unser!) Adoiii...

We finally arrived safely in PJ. Oooooo...baby is even cuter in real life. Kacau and kejut dia. Hehehe.. kawan baru je sudah menyusu and sedang sedap berbedung. Tak berdecet walaupun we were making alot of noise in the room. 

Datin was busy cooking with Dr Su and Cik Nah. And before we knew it, we were called out for lunch. As usual, Datin outdid herself. There was sambal tumis ikan bilis, ikan rebus goreng, kari daging, rojak singapore, sayur campur (goreng), telur goreng dadar and a to-die-for sambal belacan. I was amazed to see my kids mengambil nasi yang banyak. Bearing in mind that we have Bubba Gump planned after this, I only took one senduk nasi. Memang sedap masakan Datin. Pencuci mulut was rambutan yang sudah di kupas siap2 (betul best untuk orang malas macam I). Then there was hot coffee too.
We finally took our leave and we went off in the Alza pulak. It was a bit tight but knowing how difficult it is to get parking in the Curve, we decided to just go there in one car. Oh dear! so many2 cars and people. We had to drive around slowly in the car park and made a dash when we saw an empty lot. Hehehe.. we were going against the flow of traffic but fortunately no car was coming from the other side. Walked across to the Curve. Shopped awhile (mostly window shopping) before heading to Bubba Gump. Just like in the movie Forrest Gump, this themed restaurant serves mainly shrimps. Took a table on the upper floor where there is air cond. Got ourselves a big enough table and placed our orders. 

I asked for "Run Across America Sampler" which is all the appetizers favorites consisting of tortillas chips and a cheesy dip, chilly shrimp (chilled boiled shrimp), hush pups (prawn balls?) and fried shrimps, as well as spicy chicken strips (perah lemon lagi sodap).

The thick cuts of onion rings came piled high on a stick for Fatin's mama. Fatin's ayah asked for the "Bucket of boat trash" which consist of fried shrimps and slipper lobster tails with fries.

Faiz tastebuds is hard to change, so he went for the All American burger which is humongous. Khairin wanted the soup which she said tasted almost like tom yam. Faizal didn't know what to order, so I got him shrimps with crabmeat. Words can't describe the ummm-so-yummy food. We did not go overboard with the drinks and just ordered the bottomless coke.

Drive home baru teringat that I can't eat too much shrimps (prawns). No wonder lah my eyes and lips feel itchy. Hehehe.. Arrived home, took a bath quickly and hunted for my ubat. Played with Fatin (entertained her with the numerous games on my ipad).
After Fatin and parents went home, Faiz and Khairin went to Subang Jaya and Faizal was going out with girlfriend. I started changing bedsheets and cleaning my room. Oooo..so tired. Fell asleep as soon as I lay my head on the pillow. Zzzzzzz.....