24 March 2011

24-3-2011 - what I did today

It was late evening, I promised my doter that I will take her to the nearby shoe shop to get her sandals. Went straight up to the 1st floor to her favorite shoe outlet. She couldn't get the sandals in her size (big feet runs in this family), so we went to another outlet on the same floor. While she was looking for the sandals, Faiz and I browsed through the other shelves. I went to the rather expensive selection of shoes and saw this sign. My mind boggles at what they were trying to tell their customers. What do you think? What can you visualize from the sentence?  Hehehe..

Next stop is.. something to stop the growling stomach. We popped into a pizza shop and was greeted by a loud reverberating  "S.e.l.a.m.a.t...D.a.t.a.n.g". Feeling rather embarrassed, we quickly slipped into a cubicle. One third of the eatery was filled by a group of people celebrating 'something'. In another corner, was a team of Managers holding their meeting. Haiyah, why lah hold meetings during meal times. Don't you know that you take up space and people can overhear what is being discussed. Ooooo maybe that is why the staff is so enthusiastic in their greetings. Our orders arrived at our table fast and the food was still piping hot. This is indeed a very impressive change. The cheese and pepperoni was plentiful and when I picked up a slice, the cheese was in long strings. I loike, I loike!!

My pet peeve is still the hair style of the waiters and waitresses. Hair almost covering their eyes, I wonder if they don't feel irritated. I know I did. Don't they realize that that is how acne is formed on their forehead and the boys look effeminate pushing the hair out of their eyes. However the staff behind the counter uses a hair net and that is good.

While we were eating, a boy (about 6-7 years old) walked passed our table, on his way to the wash basin and pressed on the "Call" button on our table. WTH? We all kept our eyes on him and when he walked back, all 3 of us glared at him and that stopped him from placing his naughty fingers on the call button. Tak pasal2, staff ingat kita nak 'something' pulak!  I wish parents make sure their children behave while in public areas. At a nearby table, another kid was having fun time, clanging the cutlery on the plates. I was waiting for an accident to happen!

My palm is itching again.  Good sign, eh?


NYKOLETT said...

Wynn...your palm is itching because you are getting a new curtain...yup! ! the white sheer is ready.The baby comforter is in red blue floral and red cream stripe frills...rasanye i dah upload gambar kat blog a couple of months ago..

NYKOLETT said...

Wynn...you browse my blog post dated Friday,february 5,2010 to see the baby set ya..