29 March 2011


I was hanging out the washing in the garden, when the neighbor asked what Khairin got for her SPM. I also took the opportunity to ask after her daughter. Then we started talking about the activities the girls should (in our opinion) be doing. Her daughter has got her driving licence, Khairin has not. Khairin is working, her daughter is not. 

1.  Both of us is not too happy about the girls being too absorb in the internet. First thing to do upon waking up is to check on the status in FB. Then take her bath. Still wrap in her towel, update blog. Mother starts tirade, stop to dress and get ready for work. While waiting for mother to be ready, check FB again.. and that goes on and on.

2.  Both of us thinks the girls should be more hands on in the kitchen (Read: cooking simple dishes). Haish...

Called Khairin just before her lunch break. Told her to get suhun. She said ok (wahhh confident anak haku!). Half an hour later, she called back, asking if it was mee suah that I wanted or mee hoon.  Hahaha..kan dah kata, nasib baik ada handphone, boleh dia call before making the purchase. I said suhun, not mee suah, not mee hoon. Anyway, she said she can't see any suhun, although I have a suspicion she doesn't know what is suhun.

Seriously, I have to get her to cook simple dishes that she cant live on when she is on her own. I went upstairs and found the books "perfect pasta" and "fast kids food". I will start by leaving the books near her bed. See if she notice it and picks it up...

Quya-Quyi..meh tolong ajar Kero masak..