24 March 2011

SPM is out..

It is finally the DAY to get her SPM results, but Khairin relax jer. She took the day off work and so after our usual breakfast at Mamak Fariz Maju, I sent Khairin off to school. Dropped her in front of school, and saw her friends in matching baju kurungs! Huh ada uniform ke? My doter was in her usual jeans and long blouse..comfort clothes.

I went home as I knew the kids wants to let their hair down when they get their results. And so the waiting begins..

In the Hall, the kids from 5 Amanah didn't know where to head since their class teacher had been transferred out. In the end, they were the last to get their results...tension budak2 nie. Hahaha.. Iye lah tengok orang lain dah terjerit2, dah menangis (nie budak pompuan lah!) berpeluk2an bagai.

Then baru lah another teacher walked in with their results. Upon getting the slip, the first thing she looked for was her Add Maths results (ada kes lah ni!)..whoaaa hoaaaaa... she got A+ for Add Maths. Caya lah babe! She cried. She also cried because she got B for Sejarah. Hahaha..sepanjang form 4 and 5, dok dapat G saje untuk sejarah. (Read: G=Gagal). She cried because the results was beyond expectations. Alhamdulillah..

So all in all, this was what she got..

A+ = mathematics and additional mathematics

A  = engineering drawings , physics , bahasa melayu and english language

B+ = pendidikan agama islam and chemistry

B = SEJARAH and engineering technology

This is extracted from Khairin's blog

saya carik cikgu HANIPAH , takde sorok2 dah ,

k ; cikgu , saya dapat A+
h ; baguslah , belanja saya dua pizza
k ; kenapa lak ?
h ; sbb saya ajar awak dulu , kalau tak awak tak dapat A+
k ; (sakit hati) papepun terima kasih jela , cikgu tuduh2 saya dulu mcm2 apela sangat kan .
h ; eh saya tuduh2 awak tula upkan lagi semangat awak nak dapat A+
k ; (wthhhhhhh) saya down kot tym tu cikgu !

and i walk away babaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ! Oh ya , before i went to meet the teacher, i texted my mom , then she called me

"HAAA very good my dear, padan muka cikgu tu hahahahhaa"

I had to text everyone who had called me earlier asking for Khairin's results..including the wuzband who was unaware that his daughter sat for SPM, duhh!!

Next step..what to do.. matriculation or diploma (definitely not STPM). Which line..interest vs strong points vs marketability. Ar? Sr? Ir?