12 March 2011

The Scrooge

My son Azri is thrifty on the verge of being a scrooge.

He heard how his older brother 'ikat perut' to pay up for his wedding, so likewise he wants to be as thrifty to be wealthy by the time he is old.  He budgets only RM5 (3xmeals) daily.  He only have rice with vegetables.  He reckons if the vegetarians can survive on that and still be healthy, why not him!  Any surplus monies, he will put aside and when he has enough, he will 'hadiahkan' himself with fried fish or chicken. 

Recently he found out that the mamak will charge him 20sen for his warm water if he spend less than rm4 for the meal.  He ate 2 roti canai that morning and was charged 20sen for his warm water.  Sometimes he has nasi goreng kampung and gets his air suam free.  Funny though, he doesnt mind paying 20sen for plain water with ice cubes!  A bit mind boggling but that is how my Azri works.

After ranting at the mamak-cashier that day and leaving most unsatisfied (more like he felt cheated), he sat down and makes a plan so that at the end of the day, he comes out as the winner.

So now he goes for his meals at the warong/restaurants with a bottle of drinking water.  He just orders food.  Wait.. if you think that is all.. no, that is not the end.  That drinking water, he brings it home from the water cooler from office.  Daily, he will top up the drinking water at home.

...sigh..  I hope he will not forget his mother when he is older and rich.


danial17 said...

Nnt kitorg 'cuci' sket dia ma

Muhd Azri said...

no, i won't forget you, mama. Dun worry.