11 March 2011

A bit of cheer on an otherwise gloomy rainy day

Woke up this morning and started the washing.  Quite unsure if the day was going to be hot.  Got back into bed and watched another episode of "Lie To Me". 

Faiz got out of bed and got ready to go to 'school'.  Said he has a meeting with his team mates about the FYP (final year project).  He has been feeling a bit down since my 'present' was not delivered yesterday.  Hahaha.. whole day, the status has been "at the delivery facility".  This morning he was still moaning about the fact.

When the washing was ready, I started to hang it out in the garden.  Half way through, I felt water dropping on my face.  Oh no.. quickly grabbed all the laundry and dumped it back into the laundry basket. Ho hum.. no choice but to send it to 'DryClean2U'.

Road was clear, not much traffic.  Got myself a parking space and heaved the bag of laundry.  Told Azhar I just need to dry the clothes and re-launder Faiz's college shirt/jacket.  Noticed the 'vacancy' notice and offered the girls (read: Quya and Khairin).  Hahaha... I dont like ironing but I know Khairin likes that.

After breakfast, came home (noted on the traffic lights - which are 'behaving' this morning) and saw that Faiz was already home.  He went on and on about the late delivery and the status that has not changed since yesterday.  Decided to sit out in the lounge with him.

Every now and then, I would peep out of the windows to see if there were any delivery vans passing by.  At about noon, Faiz saw a red wira stopped in front of the house and asked me.. "Are you expecting anyone?".  I just looked out and said, "Nope.  But I think it is the delivery boy."  To which Faiz retorted, "Cant be.. it must be delivered in a D*HL van or something like that.."  What he didnt know was, I saw the guy in the car flipped open a file.  I knew it was the delivery boy, though I have no idea why he was in a red wira and not a van.

True enough, the guy came out with a box.  MY PRESENT!!  Faiz was so excited.  He know for the next few hours at least, it will be his toy as he downloads and preps it for his Mama.

Pssstt... one hour has passed and not a peep from Faiz.  he is so engrossed with my new ipad.
Thanks to Sweetheart for the advanced birthday present.


JUJUL said...

Kak Wynnnnnnnn..sangat jelesssssssssssssssssssssss