05 March 2011

Azri dan TN*B

My son Azri lives in a 5 bedroom/3 bathroom bungalow with a friend.  He is a scrooge (haha.. open the dictionary, Azri).  He is determine to get the free electricity usage from TN*B. 

The meter Reader cannot read the meter from the gate.  So, starting 1st of the month, Azri will put up the meter readings on the front gate.  He replaces the notice daily until he gets the bill in the letter box.

He was at the food stall in front of the house, one day, when he saw a car stopped and the driver stepped out of the car and walked up to the gate... to read the notice!  Then the driver got back in and drove off.  The owner of the restaurant told Azri that that happens quite frequently.  People will even drive past, park further up and walk back to check on the notice.  They think it is a "To Let" or "For Sale" sign.

Since they were on the topic - TN*B, the stall owner asked Azri why he got the April bill already.  Huh?  Azri asked to see the bill.  Owner went in and came back with the bill.  Ooo.. what the stall owner saw was the Pay by date.  That month's bill is misaligned.. so the information wasn't in the correct column/row. 

Another pakcik at the next table was watching what went on at Azri's table and asked his friend to 'lookout' for his food, while he went back home.  He came back with HIS bill and he asked Azri to explain why he had to pay extra rm50.  Azri looked at the bill and saw that Pakcik had a rm50 penalty.  (Bill was similarly misaligned).  Azri told the Pakcik to go to TN*B and ask the officers there on that matter.

Azri finished his food and walked back to the house.  Thus, closing the temporary TN*B, 'sesi soal dan saya jawab' 

Hahahahahahahahahaha.. Azri, Azri.. ada2 aje ko nie.