29 March 2011

Mya Humayra binti Mohammad Hatta

My nephew "Foursquare-ed" his presence at PPUM-Wad bersalin in the wee hours (3.10am to be exact) of 26 March 2011.  By 8.01am, he reported a 2cm opening. It looks like its gonna be a long wait, as most first born are likely to be. 

We are all anxiously waiting for the first grandchild for my elder sister. Baby was due on Monday 21st March but looks like she wants to wait for grandma and grandpa to come back from Umrah! Pandai baby! But when my sister arrived safely from Umrah, little one still shows no indication for coming out. 

Angah has already flown in from Sabah and his leave is already coming to an end. Baby has better make a move or mummy might end up being C-sec! Tension rose as time goes by. Baby's daddy sempat complain about the bad condition of the toilets and beds. 

Quote: "hampeh...toilet kat dlm ward rosak.nk lift kepale katil kne tenage 2org (katil lame),doktor on call ntah kemane, mintak plastik utk muntah pun tada" 

"haha..bab doc oncall leh tolerate ah.byk ward die cover.bg cooperation ble die dtg..tp bab toilet rosak, xleh tolerate.ksian patient weh.jln jauh g toilet lain"

Sabar je lah Angah. Hospital tengah undergo renovation. Bila dah siap mesti takde masaalah tu semua. 

That night, Angah's wife moved into the labour room. Wahh..one day in hospital already. Early the next morning I called Angah for the latest news. Manalah tahu kot I miss the good news in my deep sleep. Nope..still not made an appearance. After more than 10 hours in the labour room, I think the hospital was ready to name the room after Wati..hahaha. 

Finally, the long awaited news came in at 11.00am, baby girl was born to the proud parents Muhammad Hatta and Zulawati. 

Only today did they announce baby's name.. MYA HUMAYRA.
Fatin kata: "Baby, baby tido"