20 March 2011


Woke up early, sunday morning.  Got ready (managed to squeeze in a washing as I am expecting Khairin to bring back a HUGE load of washing) and off we went to Tanjong Malim.. ehh.. to Kpg Air Panas, Kerling. Hehehe..

Grabbed my usual pile of sunday papers and went to MekDee at 'old' bangi.  Not many people there compared to the MekDee Drive Thru.  Have this "FREE 2 Big Breakfast on a RM5 purchase" voucher to utilise.  Was attended by "Paris", a male MekDee staff.  I guess his name must be Mohd Paris but his friends call him by the english pronunciation.  Apa2 lah.. What I dislike about him was this long strand oh hair falling over his right eye.  Ala-ala anime cartoon gitu..  Must remember to put in a complain to the Management.

After breakfast, we (Faiz and I) were off to bring Khairin home.  She does not want to join the others on the bus as she has 3 times the luggage that she brought there.  Trip there was a bit "blaaah..", no tickets, no jam.. in fact it was a breeze.

Registered at the guard house for the last time.  Then drove in to the second layer of security.  Send Khairin a message to say that I have arrived.  Waited and waited.. ooooo.. there she was pulling the trolley luggage bag, another luggage bag on top, her cloth bag AND a pail full of other things..  Haaa.. tu dia!

Logged her out of camp and walked off to the car.  Huhuhu.. nasib baik tak bawak kawan2 dia. Tak muat dah.  Drove out of Camp... Adieu PLKN.

Our next stop is of course, the Pau House in Tanjong Malim.  Ordered frozen pau (kari daging) as well as the already steamed ones as take-away.  Then we ordered food for our lunch.  We had yong tau foo in soup each.  Different from the ones we usually have at the pasar malam.  This was much2 nicer.  Also had the mee kari.  After lunch, we drove home.

Upon reaching home, the first thing we did was to unpack and start the laundry.  So glad the sun was shining brightly and I managed to clear off one round of washing.  Whilst sitting and watching tv, Faiz opened his wallet and discovered that his driving licence has expired the previous week.  There he was happily driving to and back from Tanjong Malim.  Alhamdulillah the police did not stop him, else he would be in deep s**t.  Hahaha..

By evening, Khairin (and everyone else) was itching to see Fatin.  Made immediate plans to go over.  Called Quya to see if she wants to join us.  She finished working and would be available after 6.30pm.  Picked her up at her house in Hulu Langat and went to Ampang.  

10 meters from the house, I could hear Fatin calling out "Omaaa, Chu Eeeenn".  Hola cucu haku!!  Played with her awhile and Quya was smitten by Fatin's antics.  Had dinner at the food court at Bukit Indah.  What I enjoyed most was the mango juice.  It was pureed mango and was so thick, the straw could stand upright!!  Fatin only had the keropok cicah sos yang teramat pedas.

Dropped off Quya at her house and we went home.  I had to drive seeing that Faiz has no licence.  So tired.. Have an early date at the JPJ with Faiz in the morning..

Grabbed my stack of newspapers plus my monthly magazine.  Then I went to get the FREE Family breakfast (the perks of being in a MekDee Family).  Set includes one hot cake set, one big breakfast set, one egg mekmuffin and one sausage mekmuffin, 3 hash browns and 3 hot drinks.  Unfortunately the hot drinks cannot be converted.  O well..

Oh yes, Paris was there again.  And this time, the strand of hair was tucked behind his ear and not falling over his eye (and my food, probably).  After the last visit, I did put in an informal complaint and the feed back was that, I wasnt the only person complaining about it.  Actually I was reluctant to complain because I noticed that he was elected "Crew of the month" for the month of January.  He must be a good worker, only the hair was 'out of place'.

Finished breakfast and waited and waited for the boys to wake up.  We had a date to go visit a sick friend in Hulu Langat.  Finally they got up but it was way past 2pm.  By late evening, I was so hungry and planned to have a heavy dinner.  

Decided to go to Saba'.  Saw the hot air balloons on the way there.  Would you believe it, that there were people who actually stopped their car by the roadside to enjoy the view of the balloons, not caring about the traffic at all.  Went to Saba' but the place was packed.  So we decided to order takeaway.  Hanith chicken to be shared and baklava for dessert.