19 February 2011


Walk to the letterbox to retrieve the water bill.  And guess what??  At last I get to use water for FREE.  Eat your heart out Azri!  Hahaha..

Note the words "AT LAST".. I have been trying hard to get free water but to no avail.  Having a daughter who changes clothes as fast as she blinks her eyes doesnt help either.  Luckily I only have ONE daughter.  I can imagine the pile of laundry (washing) I would have to go through daily if I have.. 4??  Hahaha.. that's how many my ex-madu has.  Now that KA is away in camp, I only do washing on alternate days.  Otherwise it could be twice a day!

My son azhar on the other hand has been enjoying this perk for ages.  In fact, SYA*BAS owes him money.  Azri would like to enjoy the advantage but he lives in another state.  I think I will savour this while it last.  The next state goverment might take back this perk.  Huhu..

**  Hey, upon checking the bill again, I in fact used less than what is discounted!