15 February 2011

Bourne Mixed Identity

Azri went to pay Atuk a visit after work today.  Azri works today.  No holiday for him.
Atuk was, as usual, resting in his lounger, watching tv. 

Azri:  Atuk.. ni Azri, cucu Atuk.  Azri baru balik kerja ni.  Atuk apa khabar?  Dah makan?
Atuk:  Belum.
Azri:  Dah mandi?
Atuk:  Belum.

According to bibik (the caretaker), he had just had his dinner and bath.  Anyway, he smelt clean and nice.  Atuk..atuk.. dah pelupa teruk.

Azri:  Atuk buat apa tadi?
Atuk:  Syy.. its secret and confidential!
Azri:  Kenapa?
Atuk:  No..no.. dont ask.  I cannot tell.

Ok..  Atuk is speaking in english.  That means he is in his own world.  Azri layan Atuk lagi.

Azri:  Ohh.. what do you mean? 
Atuk:  I currently join the secret service.  I cant remember much.  I'm on a secret mission.
Azri:  What??
Atuk:  Its a big organization, but I cant remember but its big..
Azri:  Who recruited you?
Atuk:  Many contacts.  They come in a van and assign me the mission.

Atuk whispered confidentially to Azri..

Atuk:  Be careful with the people around you.  Then you will know the mission.
Azri:  What's your speciality?
Atuk:  Oh.. I can be a 10 year old kid.
Azri:  You mean you can transform into anything?
Atuk:  Yes.. and I can be anywhere.

Azri:  Since when did you become an agent?
Atuk:  I was one when I was 14 and again recently.  Even a 1 year old can join!
Azri:  Can I join too?
Atuk:  I dont know.  You ask them.

Bibik walks in and asked what Atuk is saying (since she cant understand english).

Azri:  Can you talk in malay?
Atuk:  Yes but these people (other agents) dont understand.
Azri:  Can she join too?  (Pointing to bibik).
Atuk:  No.  No offense but no ladies allowed. 

Azri:  How much do they pay you?  (With Azri, it always boils down to money.. hahaha)
Atuk:  1 Million..

Azri reckons that Atuk got the idea of being an agent from watching the television.  Atuk loves to talk.  Mostly in indonesian malay and javanese but occasionally he breaks into english.  He must dearly miss company when he chose to live on his own.  Now that he is in a Home.. he has the company to stop him from losing his marbles totally.

Love You Pak.