20 February 2011

I want cake...

This morning I saw at my friend's FB, the various types of cakes her sister bakes.  What attracted me most was the Red Velvet with cream cheese Cake.  It was so red and (yes!) velvety in texture.  At first I thought she used rhubarb to get the deep red colour. 

So, this evening I googled for the recipe and found on the internet a step-by-step instruction on how to make the cake.  Oooo.. they used red colouring to get the colour.  But what set the difference in the cake was that they put in a mixture of vinegar and soda!  I wonder how that taste.. 

As I finished dinner (leftover chicken hanith from Saba restaurant), I asked Faiz if he wanted some cake?  Hehe.. he was game for it.  So off we went to hunt for cake at Sec*ret..where else..

I had a slice of pecan butterscotch while Faiz asked for the choc fudge.  The young couple in front of us bought a slice of chocolate indulgence (ultra sweet) and even had inscriptions of birthday wish and a single candle.  Talk of budget celebration!

I am now on a sugar high...