16 February 2011

So sad..

Was so shocked to hear about Mr.D's grand daughters' demise.

Mr.D is our very friendly barber.  He cuts all my boys hair.  His son, Siva also works there.  Siva is married and has two lovely daughters aged 4 and 1.  The beautiful girls, with their jet black hair and big round eyes are the apple of both the father's and grandfather's eye.

Just an hour ago, my son Faizal came home with the shocking news about the tragedy.  How Siva's wife made the children drink poison-tainted milk and then cut her own wrist in an attempt to kill herself too.  Fortunately, Siva came back in time and got the wife to the hospital.  But the kids did not make it.

I am so sad.


nohamdsupian said...

masa tgk gambar budak2 tu teringat anak sendirikat rumah...sedihnyaaa..comel budak2 tu :'(