24 February 2011

Bowling? Not..

11pm: Faiz fb~tibe2 terasa best kalau dapat hang out dgn Quya :-p 

So a plan was hatched to go bowling.  Initially I wanted to go along.  Saja nak window shop.  But an accident occurred this morning and I ended up having to mop up the floor.  The accident?  The bag of fish curry broke and spilled on the floor.  Mamak fish curry smell will linger even when you have wiped the floor clean and only when you use a pine/lavender scented floor cleaner will the smell dissipate.

So.. I was planning to rest my aching back the whole afternoon.

However when Quya arrived on my doorstep (she came all the way from Hulu Langat), i changed my mind.  I had sent Quya in search of maggi asam laksa mini packs (that my doter asked for) on the other side of town because I failed to find any over here.  Susah kan, orang dalam camp dah mengidam ni.. (Fatimah and Ina.. jangan lah mintak yang susah nak cari ek, masa you all mengandung nie).

So we went to Metropoint, Kajang.  The kids went upstairs to have their game while Mama went shopping.  First stop was MyDin, across Metropoint in search of the illusive maggi.  Nope, none there.  Next stop was Romantica.. I love browsing through the shelves of bric bracs and flowers.  Ended up buying cotton material with small rose prints.  I want to make a dress for Fatin, maybe in time for Hari Raya..hahaha  Then I went to another favorite spot aptly called Hot Value Mart.  Bought a box to store the kids' neck ties.

Then I went to see the kids bowl.  All the lanes were full and I had a tough time looking for Faiz.  Quya jangan cakap lah.. dengan size XXS dia, memang tak nampak, unless dia pakai neon jacket.  Plonked myself in the seat and watched them bowl.  Malay music was blaring away..loud.  Songs of yesteryears.. mendayu-dayu.  Sah2 bola semua boleh jatuh 'longkang' sebab menahan pilu...hahaha..  I asked Faiz, "boleh tak request tukar lagu?".  To which he retorted, "Ni bukan kara-oke lounge lah maaa".  Iye lah, pasang lah lagu2 yang up sikit, baru lah seronok nak main.  Hmmm.. I took out my hand fan (walaupun air cond agak kuat, but I was perspiring~ladies dont sweat, ok~, maybe I am having a hot flush.. I dont know).  I started fanning myself.  Opened my story book and continued where I stopped.

Finally the kids finished their game and we drove back, smack into the heavy rain and traffic jam.  So we headed to Alamanda (to avoid the Kajang jam??) and had pizza.  Otw there, Faiz overtook a red Gen2 and I saw the driver with a handphone in his hand!  It passed my mind that this driver was asking for an accident.  Just as we turned left heading towards Alamanda, Faiz saw in the rear-view mirror, the same red Gen2 swerving left and right trying to gain control of his car!!   Dont know what happened to the Gen2 as he was lost from view.  Haiya.. why lah risk your life (and maybe others), using the handphone while driving and in the rain some more!!!

The drive back was just as nerve wrecking as we try to avoid the jam that has sprouted because of the rain.  Finally reached bangi safely after going round and round putrajaya/cyberjaya.  Told Faiz to detour to get job application forms for the kids (not me!)

Home Sweet Home.. and BED!


tmc said...

huhu.. now mengidam yeyi:p

irenewynn said...

Alaaa cian nyer :)