19 February 2011

Sudan dan Saba

Two days ago, I received a call from my friend Salina, telling me that my BFF in Sudan is back for good.  It seemed that Salina was trying to locate her friend and instead called my BFF, Eda.  The last time Eda was in town she was rushing to see her sister in hospital as well as her son in boarding school.  I told her to attend to family and its ok if we dont meet.  Family comes first, right?

As soon as I knew she was back, I quickly texted her and asked for her whereabouts.  Yes, she was back in Malaysia for good and moving back to Putrajaya.  Since her own house is not ready yet, she has to resort to renting a house near to her brother's house.  And since the rented house is not livable yet, she is staying in a hotel.  She gave me the address for her rented house.

This morning she called me to say that she will be at the house to unpack her things and also to see the contractors putting in the air conditioners.  Since Faiz is getting bored, I told him to google-map Eda's house.  He got the coordinates and with the assistance of the GPS dude, off we went in search of Eda's house.

We found the house easily.  In a beautiful section of Putrajaya.  Very quiet place and the gardens was flourishing with beautiful plants and flowers.  Haha.. if the same potted flowering plants were in my area, pasti akan hilang and end up at someone's house.  But then this is Putrajaya..

Anyway.. met Eda and family.  Stayed awhile only as I can see that Eda still has alot to do and I am hungry.

Next on the agenda.. search of lunch/dinner.  We are bored of Alamanda food fare so I told Faiz to locate Saba restaurant.  With the help of Azhar, who gave us the coordinates to the restaurant, we headed blindly with just GPS dude to direct us.  We cant see the restaurant from the main road.  Instead we have to access the restaurant from the back lane.  From outside, we thought the place was full but when we went in, there was still many empty tables.

But Faiz was more comfortable eating at home, so we ordered take-away.  I was very disappointed they dont have mandy rice.  It was there in the menu but they said they no longer offer it.  Hmm.. since we have travelled so far, I wasnt going to go back empty handed.  I opt for 1/2 Chicken-Hanith.  I wasnt sure of the size of the portion so I ordered extra rice.

Faiz reminded me not to buy barbican, the malted bottled drink, because the last time I drank it, I ended up with an upset stomach.

We headed home with the chicken and rice.  OMG, the rice was so looooong..haha..  Sedap.  The chicken is tender and moist.  Alhamdulillah.. it was worth it.

On the way back, I saw some mynah birds hopping in the grass.  What was strange about the birds was, they all were almost bald!  The mynahs must have been a fight and got all the feathers pecked off their head.


JUJUL said...

Kak Wynn..you can go to Sana'a for Mandy .. even the bread is also nice...yummm..

irenewynn said...

oraits.. Sana'a next on my list tapi tak leh bulan nie.. bulan depan lah kot..
Thx Jule

nohamdsupian said...

sana'a tu kat mana pulak? heheh

dah pegi saba, sedap. nasi je pun dah sedap. hari tu try hnith lamb, sekali byk betul portion dia, mkn cuma 1/3..tapau bawak balik..