03 February 2011

Start of the day..

Doter woke me in the middle of the night, coughing. Aikk.. macam orang balik Mekah pulak. Bad, loud cough. Dah suruh makan ubat batuk.. tapi degil. Handed her the chest rub.

Woke up with a startle. Pikir sekejap.. Thursday- MPKj rubbish collection day! Took out the garbage and started off 2nd round of camp washing. Went back to bed, not to sleep but to check out FB. Hahaha..

Doter said she missed mamak food. They never get roti canai in camp but they do enjoy kue teow/nasi goreng, mee hoon/kue teow soup, soto and there was one time that they got 'koko krunch' and milk. She complain that food is bland in camp. Even biskut marie taste so wonderful there. Hahaha.. baru dia tahu!

She gave a list of things to bring back to camp..among others.. megi in mug, biskut etc. She breaking out bad. Apa nak buat ek? Macam bad case of after-chicken pox.

Petang ni plan nak pergi Alai for ikan bakar. No we stop going to Umbai.. too many people go there (over rated, I think). Food tak ada lah sedap mana pun. Fatin (my cucu) kata dia ok jer nak pergi Melaka.