14 February 2011

PLKN & Pau Tg Malim

13.1.2011 - 10:50am  After breakfast and a quick visit to the loo, off we went, Faiz and I, to see KA again.  Inspite of making plans to visit her after 2 weeks, the Camp's schedule couldnt accomodate us.  The kids is going to start handling firearms next week and they are going to the army camp for target practice.  Hehehe.. no way I am going to be anywhere near kids handling weapons and I dont wish to be in their range.

The first time Azhar took us there and he chose a route that passed through abandoned housing areas and the rundown estate house with the Ast*ro byond dish.  The second time, I drove and followed GP*S instructions and ended up touring Selangor!  Third time, Faiz drove and we partially followed GP*S but we still had to pass through small townships with traffic jams and roads that widen to 2-3 lanes and then back to single lanes that can snugly fit two cars.  And Faiz got a summon for driving in the wrong lane!  Actually he moved into the right lane (to make a right turn) too early - or so the abang police said.  What the heck, we dont want to argue even though we feel we are in the right.

Therefore, this time Faiz planned to take a longer drive on the North-South highway and going to the camp via Tg Malim.  And yes, it did cut down on driving time since we were mostly on the PLUS highway.  Just as we got out of the highway, we saw the oncoming cars giving us the signal that there was a road block ahead.  Faiz took all the necessary precaution and drove in the correct lane all the time.  No way we were making a 'donation' again.  Then we saw...the SAME policemen at a different location.  And the drivers ahead (who overtake and drove on the wrong lane) was stopped by the Police.  Huh!!

We normally pass a small chinese kampung just before we reach the Camp.  They were making preparations for the Chap Goh Meh.  Lanterns were hung (I can almost hear Fatin going.. tanglung nie, tanglung nie.. hehe..) and suddenly we were behind a lorry.  I whispered to Faiz.. "look there is a car in the lorry.. its a Mercs".  Faiz went.. "Mana? Mana?"  Then only he noticed that the lorry was laden with paper Mercs and bungalow.  No that wasnt for the CGM but for the funeral parlour further down the road.

KA got her handphone late last nite, but nevertheless she still managed to order Nasi Goreng kampong that she wanted to partake with her friends.  She asked for sunblock as they were spending more time outdoors.  She got sunburnt on the face already.  It was a short visit this time.  So after passing all her things, we left.

We decided to hunt for the infamous pau tg malim.  The place looked very different.  I last stopped there for pau, long before the PLUS highway was completed.  We saw UPSI and Secret Recipe!!  Haah, tg malim ada SR.  We gave up and got into the highway to get home.  Just then Azhar gave us coordinates to get to the pau shop.  But we told him, next time.  Then, KA called and before she could say anything, I blurted, "Mama lupa bagi pocket money.." and she said, "Haah..boleh turn back tak atau mama nak send via post".  Huhuhu.. I told Faiz we go to the R&R Jejantas for some burgers first.  I made a blunder, ordering a waffle at BK!  Penat and pening dah.  Got burgers for KA and we turn back.  Hadoi...

Even the guards at the guardhouse recognised me and told me to just go in.  Gave KA her money and burger.  Wahh... naik balik 3kg macam nie.   Then I told Faiz to set the GP*S for the pau shop.  And we found it.  Called the new "makyongs" for their pau orders.  My niece F is back from Oz and she is one of the makyong.  The other makyong is my doter-in-law (belum confirm lagi).  When I asked Azhar, what pau he wants, he said "we are the carnivores - so I will have beef curry, and red bean pau for the makyong".  Hahaha.. terlanjur dah jumpa kedai nya, borong pau banyak2.  They even sell frozen pau.  Saw the advertisement on the pau.. "Since 1926".. huhu.. established before WWII.

Btw, the policemen were still at that post, summoning people.

Drove home and asked Azhar for directions to get to his house.  Set the GP*S but still Faiz tersasar.  Reached his house to deliver the pau.  Fatin was in a bad mood due to lack of sleep.  Played with her for awhile and finally we headed home.

All in all, we were on the road for 7 hours!  We travelled hundreds of miles.  I am so exhausted.

Rested a while and cooked dinner for Faiz.  I made sandwiches only.  Slept like a log and my legs got cramp.