02 February 2011

What I did on 2nd feb 2011

Early morning and I was ready to head off to BootCamp to get my doter back for the CNY. But first I had to wait for her BFF, QuYa. Faiz drove this time. Smooth journey and not so many cars.

BUT just as we were 10minutes away from the camp, we saw a policeman waving a red flag. Oh dear, kena saman meh.. Kesalahannya : salah lorong. Huhuhu.. Faiz moved into the right lane too early when he wanted to make a right turn. Bukan nya menghalang kenderaan mana-mana. Tapi just an over enthusiastic policeman, at the wrong time and wrong place. Redha aje lah.

Doter was already waiting for us and the checking out was swift. Faiz (still unhappy about the summon) needed to get something at Low Yat. Yes.. we went to jam packed Low Yat. We were lucky to get a parking space! Stomach growling and eyes sleepy.. finally he came back to the car.

After dropping off Rai, we headed home for a quick shower and started off doter's dirty washing. Then we all headed to Alamanda for lunch. Since there were 6 of us, it is worth going into Johnny's.

Hehe.. I always keep the bill from the last visit to J. This saves time in placing the orders. I think the staff there pon dah kenal sangat dengan Mdm Efficient. The staff are not local, so language is a barrier. So as to prevent getting our orders wrong, I just present the old bill and make whatever necessary changes.

Must say I always enjoy eating there. To save a bit more, we always share the (refillable) Thai tea or plain water. I know of some people who even go to the extent of buying fish ball or crab stick from the nearest supermarket and sneak the food in. But they wash it first ok.

Back from Alamanda, we were all poofed out and took a nap. But managed to get doter to hang out her washing first. She was already connected to her FB and YM. Teased her about having withdrawal effects staying in the camp and not having access to her handphone and internet. She said her camp is so deep in the boon docks that to access internet, they have to be at the highest possible location. Use of handphone on weekends, is only at strategic places. The yellowman phone does not have any line there.

Faiz came into the room and asked what's for dinner. Since doter mentioned about missing Yassir's pasta, we headed there first. Unfortunately Yassir overdose on the chili padi and the pasta (carbonara and olio) were extremely HOT.

Now I am going to sleep. Nite world..zzzzzzzzzzzz