11 February 2011

Oh My Doter..

Doter came back from camp for the Chinese New Year break. From the time she sets foot in the house, she got her hands on the notebook and only comes detached when its time to eat, sleep and 'doing-business'. Otherwise she swings from FB to YM to Blogging and probably various other places on the WWW.

She was supposed to check on her UPU application but couldnt find the slip with the "NO UNIK ID". She said, just before she went to Camp, she left the slip on her study table (which is actually the small folding table with the pictorial alphabets) by her bed. Opps.. after she left for Camp, I did a major cleanup and everything on the table ended up in the rubbish bag..and that was 4 weeks ago. Oh maaann.. I made her search all over the room and as expected she couldnt find it. Not when her eyes and heart is on the note book that is pinging away with chats from her old school friends as well as her new found PLKN friends.

Once the break was over, off she went, back to Camp but not before I made her call her teacher to find out if she can get a copy of the "no unik id" from school. Mana lah tahu if the school ada simpan a copy. But nope, teacher said they dont keep a copy and that doter should try the bank. (Later I found out, another (rural) school made the students write the number on a list prepared by the school. I guess this school is better organized!)

So, I made an effort to go to BSN (the issuing bank) to find out if they can give me a copy. But the officer at the bank said, I should get the date as well as the exact branch that issued the numbers to the school. Then I have to write in the request. IF and ONLY IF the copy has not been sent to the main office for safe keeping, a search will be made. Otherwise the request will be chanelled to the relevant department (tempat archive tu lah) to look for the copy. And the officer fore warned that that will take a long, long time.

I tried another angle.. "Err.. can I just buy a new number", since it cost only RM10.60. But the officer said, they have closed sale for the session. Aduhhhh...

So next, I have to go to school and get the relevant information and then write the letter. Planned to go the next day but I got a terrible backache overdoing housework. So I just texted doter a message asking her to call the teacher instead. And the message was KIVed because the handphone was switched off and kept by the Camp authorities.

Today I decided to cleanup the cupboards (inspired by Noha..hehe). And guess what.. I found the slip in my box of bangles and bracelets in my wardrobe. Now I remember asking doter to put it there and asking her to remember because I know I will forget. True enough, I forgot and so did she. Haish...

I have put in the number into MY handphone and Faiz has taken a pix of it on his handphone.
At the same time Faiz has also taken a pix of doter's birth certificate number (for something else). Thanks to technology, hopefully this time nobody forgets.

p/s Doter called this evening (using the public phone) telling me not to come next weekend as they have shooting practice. Yah right!! No way I am coming close to where they are letting loose kids with weapons... Secretly I still have hopes to marry again before I die.... Hahahahah... just joking!