04 February 2011

Duyong ke?

Halfheartedly planned for an Ikan Bakar dinner in Malacca. First we had to wait for lil princess to wake up and makan.. then we had to wait for lil princess to nap AND wake up after lunch. Adeh..

Meanwhile I hurried off to get the boys their lunch altho' ada diantara mereka yang sedang breakfast. Dah settle lunch (nasi briyani mamak with chicken nuggets and rempah ayam kapitan), everyone was online on the various laptops, notebooks and handphones, waiting for the lil princess. Ini lah gara2 ada budak network dalam rumah. You can even go online while waiting for the gates to open!

Princess arrived and while we are getting ready, she had a go on her slide and swing. Actually, I had KA start getting ready as soon as I received the message from Azhar that they have just left home in Ampang. KA takes 10minutes just to adjust her tudung, ok!

All 6 adults and princess loaded up into the Al*za. The journey was smooth altho' traffic was quite heavy (no jam). Jam at all toll exits only. As we reached the Air Keroh toll exit, called and confirmed with the orang Melaka if they want to join us. PakNgah's back was still 'out' and he was supposed to be resting only. So that allows us to go direct to the Ikan Bakar place.

We have stopped going to Umbai (overrated, over priced and jam packed at all times). My adik will head to Alai(?) but my kids wanted to go to their usual place in Muara Sungai Duyong. Ahhh..mama ikut saja.

Puhh.. ALL cars seem to be heading in the same direction and as expected the place was jam-packed. We decided to park oh-so-far-away and walk to the restaurant. The first restaurant even had a queue to wait-to-be-seated as well as a queue to choose fish. So we trudged on to the neighbouring restaurant across the single lane bridge. Place was quieter but not for long. As soon as we had chosen our fish and seafood, more people started coming in.

Nevertheless we still had to wait for dinner to be cooked. Princess was already agitated. The only way to keep her still was to say "Fatin posing!". Instantaneously she will stop whatever she is doing and pose. Not camera shy, my grand doter.

Food finally arrived.
Nasi lemak - sambal sedap, ikan bilis sikit benar.
Buttered prawns - not like MatChanDollah though. No sarak telur and no butter taste at all. Neighbour's udang bakar looks nicer! But prawns was very fresh, crunchy and big.
Sotong goreng celup tepung - Ina says not up to standard. Methinks mamak's sotong goreng taste better.
Ikan Jenahak goreng sweet sour (I think) - very nice.
Ikan siakap bakar - very nice.
Kailan ikan masin - biasa je.

On the whole, gives a thumbs up for the freshness of the seafood. They way it was cooked was nothing to shout about. Slightly less than rm150.

Walked back to the car. It definitely was more than the necessary 40 steps walk after a meal. Hahaha

Stopped by to visit PakNgah. He can walk around dah. Takde lah macam orang dalam pantang pun. Adik made sushi (more fish??). Sorry, I dont eat sushi, so no comment there.

Lil princess was more excited about the tanglong and fireworks. My sister is the ONLY malay family living there. And the chinese was having a door-after-door-lightup-firework session. Something like having the marhaban group doing the takbir from door-to-door in a muslim community. Tahan telinga saja lah. Fatin wanted to see but at the same time, she is scared of the loud noise. So she peluk Unc Faiz dia kuat2 and jerit "Takutttt" but peeked to see the fireworks.

On the way back, she was pointing out and shouting "Tanglong ni, tanglong ni, tanglong ni..". Banyak tuh.. since every chinese house have tanglongs hanging in their porch. Cantik sangat.

I dont know about the journey back. I guess everyone slept except the driver. Sedar2 dah sampai toll bangi. Tired but happy.