21 February 2011

Sentuhan Cinta ~ Haiza Najwa

This time round, I took a longer time to complete reading this novel, but complete it, I finally did.  Sorry lah HN.  What with my niece's wedding preparation, I was side tracked so often.  In fact, sometimes I didnt even have the time to read the newspapers.

I began reading but before I could even finish the first chapter, I was put off by the big bombastic words!  Haish.. how to keep my interest and finish reading the book!  I pacified myself by saying, this is one of her old novels.. (first print in 2007).  I trudged on and before I knew it, I was hooked and looking forward to know what is in the next page/chapter.  (Hehehe.. HN, this time I did not skip to the end, ok).

Sentuhan Cinta is a story about Hurin Ain's life.  Born from a mixed marriage, Hurin's looks takes after her european mother.  After her mother's death, she was brought up my her step-mother.  Vengeful because of what life has brought her, the step-mother brain washed Hurin into thinking that she is ugly and undesirable. 

She married a chinese convert because the man she loved did not give her any indication of his true feelings for her.  Even though she married Redzal after her divorce from Steven, more hardship was in store.

Read the book to know the end.  Many lessons inserted in between the chapters of Hurin's life that can be applicable in our actual life.  That is one of the reasons I love HN's books.

~~ cuma satu je, HN gunalah bahasa yang lebih difahami orang biasa2 nie.. e.g. curmudgeon (page 4), why not stubborn? Hmm..